Spring Break

Enjoying Spring break...

I hope you are too.

See you next week.

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The Angels Are Knocking At My...Drawers

For a fresh Spring update to any piece of furniture or cabinet, there are so many creative ways to make it look like new.
I have one idea ~ my newly created collection of wooden drawer pulls and cabinet knobs

My original colour and monochrome photographs of my melancholy angels and cherubs were the inspiration for this latest adventure in my studio.  {That, and I had a stash of these wooden knobs just waiting to be transformed.}

After painting the birch wooden knobs an antique white, I printed each image in sepia tone onto paper and then cut them into circles using a decorative edge scissors.

I used adhesive to fix the images onto the knobs and then hand rubbed the edges of the knobs with copper ink.

Each piece was then brushed with acrylic matte medium which protects the photo and gives a subtle sheen.

The wrinkled effect was intentional and gives a vintage look to each knob.

Not just for desk or dresser drawers ~ imagine how adorable these would look attached to the back of a door or in a closet in a baby's nursery and used as hooks for precious clothing

They would also be fabulous in a dressing room on a wall and used to hang and display favorite pieces of jewelry.

I am offering these for sale in my Etsy shop and sell them in sets of eight as I have shown here.  You may request either the sepia tone cherubs or if you prefer, black and white.  Both would be charming and elegant additions to your decor.

Happy Hump Day.

Ciao amici,

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Cherry Blossoms and Southern Blooms

When I was asked recently to do a favor for my son's school I wondered what it might be...

Each year in March, this historic Southern town in which I live celebrates the beauty of over 350,000 blooming Yoshino cherry trees with the annual International Cherry Blossom Festival{Washington D.C. only has 3,750 cherry trees.}

Or as the locals refer to it, "The Pinkest Party on Earth."

The favor I was asked was to make a cherry blossom wreath for the front entrance of the school.   So with some ideas in mind and not wanting to create an "off the rack" bubble gum pink cherry blossom wreath {which everyone in town had hanging on their doors}, but something more elegant and evocative of Southern garden style, I purchased arm loads of artificial magnolias, paper roses, and cherry blossoms

I also grabbed spools of pink, coral, and citrus green ribbon which were used for opulent and flouncy bows on the stair railing leading to the entrance of the school.

With a thirty inch natural grapevine wreath, I began adding the magnolias...

...and then some sprigs of cherry blossoms.

A Spring wreath would not be complete without a bird's nest nestled in it, so I created a nest with some more grapevines, Spanish moss, and some pink speckled eggs.  The blossoms that fell off the of the sprigs as I was working landed onto the moss in the nest and stayed there.

With lots of wire I secured the nest onto the inside of the finished wreath resting between the elegant Southern blooms.

The first Yoshino cherry blossom trees were given  to the United States in 1912 by Japan to celebrate the nations' then growing friendship.  The cherry blossom represents good fortune, it's an emblem of love and affection , and of course signifies the beginning of Spring.

Now the wreath was ready to go to the school...

...but I did like having it here for a while.

This wreath turned out so sweet that I wanted to keep it for our home!

However, we did not want to be late and it was time to go to school.

And it is loved

Instead of a wreath on our front door, we've got millions of cherry blossoms blooming on our old Yoshino cherry tree in our garden. 

When the breeze blows, these fragrant almond scented blooms and pale pink and white petals fall like snowflakes.  

Spring is truly a beautiful time in the South.

What a gift Japan gave usThank you.

May you enjoy your first weekend of Spring.

Ciao amici,

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White Cotton

...and linen.

This Spring I am introducing a new collection and updated version of my cotton and linen millinery flower tea towels in my Etsy shop.

These pretty finger towels are hand made using 100% white cotton twill...

...mixed with up-cycled vintage cotton and Irish linen mens' and womens' dress shirts.

Each towel is adorned with flouncy ruffles which were made using my stash of vintage cotton and linen shirt fabric. 

I have added a hand stamped cotton tag to each piece, which is pinned onto the towel with a brass or silver quilting pin and tied with a satin or grosgrain bow.

This collection fits perfectly into "farm house chic" decor and has a "prairie girl" rustic charm about it.

It's also a fabulous collection for one who appreciates the look of a simple palette of white with accents of colour and a combination of natural textures.

Each towel is hand made and measures approximately twelve by twenty two inches.

The ruffles are different on each towel depending on how much of the vintage fabric I have available.

My signature millinery flowers are made with three layers of fabric and are approximately four inches in diameter with a half inch mother of pearl button hand sewn in the center of each flower.

With a little creativity, these may also be used as pretty placemats or napkins for an afternoon tea or luncheon party.

I am always open to working with anyone who is interested in a custom order and I welcome requests.  While this collection is off to Somerset HOME, my sewing machine is out and I am making more for my Etsy shop this week!

Thanks so much for your visit. 

Ciao amici,

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Dressed {to the Heels} for Carnevale

A simple pair of black suede pumps just won't do...

for a party like this...

...so it's time to get to work and fuss them up a bit.

With Chanel logo organza ribbons, strands of creamy white pearls, a pair of Betsy Johnson red rose and rhinestone earrings...

and a few other embellishments...

I had my way with these Sasha of London pumps.

I ruffled up the Chanel organza ribbon around the shoes, then added white pearl strands...

But of course that was just not enough for the Carnevale celebrations...

and dancing all night long in Venice.

So with some gold and sparkly red rhinestones here and there...

flouncy bows at the heel, a touch of shimmer...

and a demure red satin bow at the toe...

my feet were in for a real treat!

These were the party shoes of the season and

 the prettiest shoes in Venice!

And when it was all over, I kicked off my heels...

...and put away these "not so simple black suede pumps" until next year...maybe.

Happy Carnevale!

Ciao amici,