White Cotton

...and linen.

This Spring I am introducing a new collection and updated version of my cotton and linen millinery flower tea towels in my Etsy shop.

These pretty finger towels are hand made using 100% white cotton twill...

...mixed with up-cycled vintage cotton and Irish linen mens' and womens' dress shirts.

Each towel is adorned with flouncy ruffles which were made using my stash of vintage cotton and linen shirt fabric. 

I have added a hand stamped cotton tag to each piece, which is pinned onto the towel with a brass or silver quilting pin and tied with a satin or grosgrain bow.

This collection fits perfectly into "farm house chic" decor and has a "prairie girl" rustic charm about it.

It's also a fabulous collection for one who appreciates the look of a simple palette of white with accents of colour and a combination of natural textures.

Each towel is hand made and measures approximately twelve by twenty two inches.

The ruffles are different on each towel depending on how much of the vintage fabric I have available.

My signature millinery flowers are made with three layers of fabric and are approximately four inches in diameter with a half inch mother of pearl button hand sewn in the center of each flower.

With a little creativity, these may also be used as pretty placemats or napkins for an afternoon tea or luncheon party.

I am always open to working with anyone who is interested in a custom order and I welcome requests.  While this collection is off to Somerset HOME, my sewing machine is out and I am making more for my Etsy shop this week!

Thanks so much for your visit. 

Ciao amici,

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