White Washed

For some time, I have been wanting to give my blog a fresher look and a bit of a style lift, starting with a change in my banner to represent a little more of my photography

Having so many choices in my collection of photographs, I narrowed my selection to some of my "most interesting" {according to Flickr} and created some collages with groups of my signature and iconic photographs.  

Staying true to my own sense of design, I wanted a graphically clean new look.  

So the baskets of peaches have been made into cobbler, however they remain my trademark logo and avatar, so you can still savour their sweet juiciness now and then.  

 {buzz, buzz}

For now I have decided on the photos you see on the new banner above, but occasionally I may surprise you with a change of photos in the banner because so many of these are my favorites.

I white washed my walls and Blogger has finally given us more options in fonts and colours, which I changed throughout.

I created special pages for my blog beauties {which has allowed me to expand my list and include so many more of you whose work I enjoy};

mutual admiration...{I am always appreciative of those who feature my work on their blogs and web sites};

and favorite posts...{the readers' choice}.

 Other pages have been moved to my side bar under ~

...where there are links to my shops and all that other good stuff that was at the top of the blog.
{this is a peach of a team}

There are also some new buttons and links on my side bar, so I hope you will linger for a while and have a look around.

Thank you, as always, for your visit 

 Ciao amici,

 ~ ~ ~

Since my walls have been white washed, I felt it appropriate to link up with the White Wednesday tour.