A Mad Housewife

I wonder…in the angry sense or in the a bit crazy sense…or in the going crazy today sense?

That was my day yesterday. It started off just lovely as a cool, almost autumn~like morning, up early and on time for school, raring to go.

However, it soon became a story of Murphy’s Law…what could go wrong, will go wrong or something like that.

The first thing I noticed when we got to school while waiting in the car pool line, was that my son who has just started first grade at a new {Catholic} private school was not dressed quite right for spirit day. I, who am always so organized and prepared, unfortunately was misinformed and my child wore khaki shorts instead of the requisite navy blue shorts with his lime green spirit day tee shirt. My poor kid was the ONLY one in the entire school who was in not in dress code.

I was mortified.

I go to the grocery store, trying not to worry about the shorts, and am happily back home by 8:30 in the morning…until I notice while unpacking the groceries, that I am missing some food. 

The bag guy forgot to put one of my bags in my cart.

I'm hungry and after a decadent warm bagel and cream cheese that did come home with me I head out to do some errands.

Coming home with a new ream of paper from Office Depot, ready to print some press kits to present at the Editorial Breakfast where I am the featured designer at The Creative Connection,

I find out that I have no black ink in my printer.
 Ugh, again!

I forget working for now and decide that I'll do laundry and some other brainless activities such as hanging my linen window panels in my bedroom.

I think of to these as my “Chanel” window dresses {white linen with black trim} and just home from the dry cleaners I’m looking forward to re-hanging the dust free, clean and breezy sheers
Uh um, they are six inches shorter, and now mini skirts!!!
No comment.

I am turning into"Mad Housewife” but stay calm and head out for the rest of the day.

After school and my “dress code violation” notice, we're off to the pediatrician’s office where we waited an hour and a half before we see the doc for our annual visit. I am cranky by now with a splitting headache and my child is off the wall.

We want to go home...

...but before we do, we retrieve my abandoned groceries.

I add to it some sushi for my child {go figure, he loves it and no cooking necessary} and a bottle of a Mad Housewife Merlot for myself.

I had great intentions earlier of cooking a yummy meal for all of us. That did not happen. 

Instead my husband and I attempted to make home made Egg McMuffins after the little guy was in bed ~ my yolks cracked and his toast burnt.

Cheers my friends. Here’s to a better tomorrow!

Life is great and laughable at times.

Ciao amici,