A Comfy Spot & Perfect Gardenias

I wish I was sitting right here this moment...

and not concerning myself with all the stuff I have to do around my house, 

or the deadlines I must meet today, and the plants I have to water in the garden before they wilt.

In the meantime...

I can take a brief mental break, inhale, smell these perfect gardenias...


 and almost feel like a queen!

Happy hump day!

Ciao amici,

Take a moment to visit all the wonderful blogs participating in White Wednesday today.  Just click on the link and take the tour.


Kelly at I Dream of Decor said...

beautiful photos! those gardenias are amazing!

Italian Girl in Georgia said...

Hi Kelly!

Thanks for your visit...wish I could let you all smell these flowers!

Ciao bella,,

Nice and Easy Antiques said...

Is there any room left for me???

Italian Girl in Georgia said...

But of course there is Marcela! Come on over right now.

Ciao bella,

Do you recognize my crown candle holder? Thanks for the idea! xoxo

rochambeau said...

Dear Italian Girl,
You are the Queen! Thank you for sharing your Royal White Gardenias! And for this peaceful post! How things are slowing down for you Suzanne, there in Georgia!!


Debbie Egizio said...

Oh, your Gardenias are so perfectly beautiful! What a gorgeous setting to relax in. Hope you are having a lovely day.

Italian Girl in Georgia said...

Constance ~ you have taught me how to be the "queen!"

Debbie ~ looking forward to meeting you and seeing your art at The Creative Connection.

Thank you both for your visit.


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