September Garden Harvest

Willowy white roses and miniature ivory pumpkins accent my fall table this week.  The light sweet fragrance of the blooms and the smooth curves of the little gourds are a lovely combination and provide such a refreshing absence of colour ~ white by design.

This old pewter {sweet} iced tea jug is a relic from this Southern family I belong to...

...and the roses are all mine!
Happy White Wednesday friends.  Click on the link and take the tour ~ there are gorgeous photographs to be seen.
Ciao amici,

The Twin Cities & Two Events


While in Minneapolis last week during The Creative Connection, I had finally curbed my anticipation and had the opportunity to also attend the Junk Bonanza...

traveling in style, and arriving at the 

J  U  N  K

fall foliage and plump white pumpkins greeted us at the entrance...

while arrows pointed the way...


any direction would have led us to fabulous and funky "junk!"

As I looked around corners... 


bedazzled by the vintage beauty of delicate jewels and...

softly worn leather baseballs,

flowers were blooming everywhere and looked especially cute in vintage metal jugs and buckets.

Delicate heirlooms of linen and lace with antique watercolour etchings in gilded frames and sculpted decoration on furniture were a beautiful contrast to the backdrop of rustic planks.

This stylish dress form adorned with a flouncy pill box hat was stunning in black and white...

as were these tarnished silver platters.

It was a bonanza of fun and as I headed back on the bus to The Creative Connection headquarters, I met some delightful new friends, who I hope I will stay "creatively connected" to for quite some time.

The next day was my "big" morning as the Featured Designer at the Editorial Breakfast.  The tables were decorated with a charming collection of old typeset pages from magazines and books with flowers in the center of the tables made with crinkled paper

and this country white collection of editorial bouquets made from vintage papers, newspaper string, retro milk glass bottles  with wreaths hanging above made with yellowed pages of text from newsprint and old, tattered books.


My white cotton millinery flowers were made by Jo Packham and her team and looked darling with the variety of buttons they used for the center of each flower.  It was flattering to see so many of the women attendees wearing these flowers on their lapels after the event.

{My friend Jennifer Hayslip, who by the way had a booth at the Marketplace full of her luscious one~of~a~kind hand made gifts and Sweet Eye Candy Creations, took this photo of me and Jo.  Thanks Jenn!}

After Jo greeted all of us and introduced me, I presented her with a gift of some of my hand made cotton and linen millinery flower tea towels ~ stamped with a crown, of course!

 {I will be offering similar designs of these towels in my Etsy shop and on My Front Porch for the holidays.}

I also made her a pretty one~of~a~kind booklet from one of my colour photographs, ribbons, organza, and baubles.


{A new collection of my one of a kind booklets will be listed in my Etsy shop and on My Front Porch later this week.}

The editorial panel included fabulous speakers from Lark Books, Stampington, Better Homes & Gardens to name a few, and of course Jo herself.


I know that so many of the attendees will be writing about their experience at The Creative Connection {and have already posted much about it}, and there will be thousands of photographs posted everywhere, so I will leave it up to you to find them and have fun doing so!  

For now, I want to say that it was a great opportunity for me and to be selected as one of the few Featured Designers at the event was most flattering and for that I am thankful.

Ciao amici,

Green Apples...

 and images of autumn...

are delicious!

Happy Monday to you all.

~ ~ ~ 

I will be posting soon about my time at The Creative Connection.  Stay in touch.

Ciao amici,

It's Getting Haute in the Kitchen ~ Channeling CHANEL

This week I got my sewing machine out ~ the one and only that I have had since I was twelve years old.  It's a "modern classic" Singer Touch and Sew...

"No. 31 Rue Cambon"

{I took this photo while in Paris several years ago using my SLR camera and just two frames of film left ~ excuse the fuzziness due to scanning.}

...much like the woman whose style I was channeling, the iconic Coco Chanel.

Several weeks ago I was asked to work on a little project for a publication ~ no pressure, just the encouragement.  The project was to make an apron

I do not particularly enjoy kitchen activities {cooking that is}, therefore I do not need to wear aprons, nor have I ever worn any.  However, the beauty of aprons is that they can make you look as though you do enjoy the entire process of cooking and entertaining. 

I prefer entertaining to cooking...and when I was finished with this project, I was even "entertained" by the prospects of my wearing this embellished ensemble.

As I rummaged through my stash of fabrics, abandoned pieces of clothing,

 notions, and embellishments I came up with an idea.  Starting with an old black linen blouse that I no longer wore and layering it over some white cotton twill, I made a flouncy skirt

I had saved some black and white satin ribbons with the "CHANEL" logo so put those in my pile with some pearls, vintage pins and brooches, a gold chain, pearl and gold buttons, and even an old rhinestone dangly key chain

It all came together as my adorable "Coco" skirt ~

one I may wear when I feel so inclined to work in the kitchen...or entertain!

 I'm off to The Creative Connection this week and hope to see some of you there.  I'll write when I get back.

Ciao amici,

A Mad Housewife

I wonder…in the angry sense or in the a bit crazy sense…or in the going crazy today sense?

That was my day yesterday. It started off just lovely as a cool, almost autumn~like morning, up early and on time for school, raring to go.

However, it soon became a story of Murphy’s Law…what could go wrong, will go wrong or something like that.

The first thing I noticed when we got to school while waiting in the car pool line, was that my son who has just started first grade at a new {Catholic} private school was not dressed quite right for spirit day. I, who am always so organized and prepared, unfortunately was misinformed and my child wore khaki shorts instead of the requisite navy blue shorts with his lime green spirit day tee shirt. My poor kid was the ONLY one in the entire school who was in not in dress code.

I was mortified.

I go to the grocery store, trying not to worry about the shorts, and am happily back home by 8:30 in the morning…until I notice while unpacking the groceries, that I am missing some food. 

The bag guy forgot to put one of my bags in my cart.

I'm hungry and after a decadent warm bagel and cream cheese that did come home with me I head out to do some errands.

Coming home with a new ream of paper from Office Depot, ready to print some press kits to present at the Editorial Breakfast where I am the featured designer at The Creative Connection,

I find out that I have no black ink in my printer.
 Ugh, again!

I forget working for now and decide that I'll do laundry and some other brainless activities such as hanging my linen window panels in my bedroom.

I think of to these as my “Chanel” window dresses {white linen with black trim} and just home from the dry cleaners I’m looking forward to re-hanging the dust free, clean and breezy sheers
Uh um, they are six inches shorter, and now mini skirts!!!
No comment.

I am turning into"Mad Housewife” but stay calm and head out for the rest of the day.

After school and my “dress code violation” notice, we're off to the pediatrician’s office where we waited an hour and a half before we see the doc for our annual visit. I am cranky by now with a splitting headache and my child is off the wall.

We want to go home...

...but before we do, we retrieve my abandoned groceries.

I add to it some sushi for my child {go figure, he loves it and no cooking necessary} and a bottle of a Mad Housewife Merlot for myself.

I had great intentions earlier of cooking a yummy meal for all of us. That did not happen. 

Instead my husband and I attempted to make home made Egg McMuffins after the little guy was in bed ~ my yolks cracked and his toast burnt.

Cheers my friends. Here’s to a better tomorrow!

Life is great and laughable at times.

Ciao amici,