Double Feature ~ Somerset Life

It has been with some anticipation {to say the least} that I have waited to receive my contributor's copy of the Spring 2010 issue of Somerset Life.

Last December I was asked by the delightful new Editor-in-Chief, Christen Olivarez, to write two accompanying articles about the projects I had submitted. You may remember my canvas millinery and chicken wire frames I showed you last fall...

...and my dream of a perfect desk, where I showed you these pretty "school supplies" I made for myself.

The other day, Mr. Mailman finally delivered the magazine. With a bit of a tease on the front cover "SCHOOL GIRL CHIC Redux" and a snippet of a photo of my beaded clip board in the table of contents, I could not wait to see the presentation that the editors and photographers did with my work.

It was worth all the time in packaging my creations and schlepping them to the post office {and my husband wondering where his grandmother's silver mint julep cup had gone} to have Somerset do such a lovely layout and creative photography.

Now it's time for all of you to go out and pick up your copy! Look for my stories on pages 46 ~ 49...

...and on pages 80 ~ 83, that is if you can go directly to those pages.

The entire magazine is full of a collection of wonderful and eclectic ideas for everyone. As usual it is a terrific issue.

I am beyond thrilled to have my work and writing included in this group of writers, designers, and artists. I do not take it for granted and I am somewhat humbled.

Thank you Christen and Somerset Life for continuing to motivate me to keep "moving in so many creative directions."

And thank you all for taking the time to stop by and visit my blog.

I appreciate it, as always.

Ciao amici,

Thank you Etsy!

I just found out that my "Parisian Flat" made the Front Page treasury list curated by the Esty administrators. I was busy looking at my eyelids at the time this treasury posted, but woke up to a sale of the photo and a notice that my shop had been featured...and I've been in such an Etsy slump lately.

This has been a good week {even though I have strep throat}...I have more to share with you very soon.

Ciao amici,
I tried to get a screen shot to show you, but could not figure out how to do it.

Romantic Country's Favorite Finds

I am not an over~the~top "fu fu" girl when it comes to interior design and decor, but I do love to be surrounded by beautiful things and when I start going a little crazy with the prettiness around this house, my husband stomps his feet.

So in order to satisfy my craving of pretty, romantic, and feminine design I create products that I sell...and lucky for me this issue of Romantic Country has featured my Hugs, Kisses and Romantic Roses gift tags in their Favorite Finds section. Now how is that for "fu fu!"

Thank you Fifi and Romantic Country for showing off my tags and placing them in such fine company. I appreciate it. Big kiss and hug.

This collection is available in my Etsy shop and by special order through me directly.

Ciao amici,


Vintage Lamp Re-Dux

My crown of velvet ribbons, rosettes, and millinery.

Sometime last year I found this pretty petit porcelain lamp in a local antique collective. It had just the perfect color combination and was just the right size for a spot in my small dressing area off my bedroom, where the walls and ceiling are painted in two shades of pale yellow with white trim.

The delicate hand painted yellow blossoms with fresh green vines and fine antique gold bands adorn the square base of this lamp.

Pretty details.

But this sad looking shade was so undesirable that I had to do something to perk it up.

So with some creamy ivory velvet millinery medallions, olive green velvet ribbons, and delicate strands of braided rosettes, I transformed the dull and lifeless lamp shade into a crowning glory of vintage~esque* garden flowers.

This was such a simple project with not much money invested at all ~ I found the olive velvet ribbon for one dollar at Michael's and the braided rosettes were from Walmart of all places. {It's amazing what I can find there when I detour from the school supplies.} The millinery medallions I purchased online from the Speckled Egg.

Once I loaded my glue gun and pulled out my brand new stainless steel sewing scissors along with a few other supplies, the entire project took only about twenty minutes.

Now this sweet cottage garden lamp has a regal seat in my room and in the evening glows with a golden amber light.

Enjoy your evening.

Ciao amici,

*"Vintage-esque" is not a technical term. I made it up.

It's Almost Spring...Oh, Really?

Although wind, rain, and sleet is predicted for tomorrow, on the calendar Spring is only twenty more days away. This has been one of the coldest winters ever here in the South, and I know our neighbors in the North are still freezing their booties off.

But there are some signs that Spring is near, even with temperatures today in the 40's! Ahhh, I am SO over winter. Just the other day I promised my husband that I would not complain about how hot the summers get around here. That's my promise for now...until the temps reach 98 percent humidity for two weeks in a row in August!

Our daffodil bulbs that we planted over the Christmas holidays have popped out of the ground and are looking for the warm skies.

The old Yoshino cherry tree in our front yard is bursting with buds in anticipation for the annual Cherry Blossom Festival which begins later this month and new growth on our hydrangeas looks promising. And there still are some pretty pink camelias that made it through the snow two weeks ago, which are left on our trees.

However for now, these painted reminders of my "flowery" childhood, will have to be the blooms we enjoy until we can pick the fresh ones out of our garden and bring them inside.

What did that Groundhog say?

Ciao amici,


Can you believe that my Mom saved these tempera paintings on newsprint {not archival paper obviously} of mine for all these years? It's so much fun to look back at my artsy attempts as a child.