It's Almost Spring...Oh, Really?

Although wind, rain, and sleet is predicted for tomorrow, on the calendar Spring is only twenty more days away. This has been one of the coldest winters ever here in the South, and I know our neighbors in the North are still freezing their booties off.

But there are some signs that Spring is near, even with temperatures today in the 40's! Ahhh, I am SO over winter. Just the other day I promised my husband that I would not complain about how hot the summers get around here. That's my promise for now...until the temps reach 98 percent humidity for two weeks in a row in August!

Our daffodil bulbs that we planted over the Christmas holidays have popped out of the ground and are looking for the warm skies.

The old Yoshino cherry tree in our front yard is bursting with buds in anticipation for the annual Cherry Blossom Festival which begins later this month and new growth on our hydrangeas looks promising. And there still are some pretty pink camelias that made it through the snow two weeks ago, which are left on our trees.

However for now, these painted reminders of my "flowery" childhood, will have to be the blooms we enjoy until we can pick the fresh ones out of our garden and bring them inside.

What did that Groundhog say?

Ciao amici,


Can you believe that my Mom saved these tempera paintings on newsprint {not archival paper obviously} of mine for all these years? It's so much fun to look back at my artsy attempts as a child.