House of Gucci

Who doesn’t love a bunny? I love them all. Peter Rabbit is one of my all time favorite stories and Beatrix Potter's illustrations continue to make me smile.

Does the title of this post confuse you? I'll explain ~ please read on...

My first pet rabbit was a common pure white one my parents gave to me when I was about eight or nine years old. Just a mutt I named “Muffy ~ fluffy Muffy ~ not a very original name, but a typical one for a little girl to name her pet bunny.

Later as a “grown up” I got my first Holland Lop. Living in an apartment at the time, pets {dogs, cats, snakes, and other creatures} were not allowed although I did have a parakeet that my landlord was aware of. I thought that if I was clever enough I could sneak my little flop eared fuzz ball in without my landlord knowing a thing. I know, I know…shame on me, but I couldn’t resist.

He never found out ~ even though in the courtyard garden behind my apartment lettuce, corn, carrots, and other veggies started mysteriously growing. Unbeknownst to the guy I paid my rent to, I had emptied the litter box in the back and the rabbit poop had fertilized the soil. The lettuce was fabulous and organic, to say the least!

When I moved to Georgia from the San Francisco Bay Area, my second Holland Lop, Guido, came with me. It was an adjustment for both of us of course, but he found his way around this big house often hiding in the cavernous fireplace and playing on the terrace nibbling on fresh herbs.

Although he was a fierce Italian rabbit, he was getting old and died in the early winter.

Guido 1996 ~ 2002

I promised my son that one day we would get a bunny rabbit ~ rabbits are marvelous pets and bring so much enjoyment to a home.

They are fabulous with children, they can be trained just as you would train a cat or a dog, they can be walked on a leash and romped around with on the grass. They are silly critters and all have unique personalities. The average life span for a house rabbit is anywhere between five and ten years ~ a definite investment of time and love.

...We just had to convince my husband, Mr. McGregor.

And with the persistence of a little boy...

...and my charming ways, we did.

So now, about seven years after Guido the Mobster left us, we adopted an orphan rabbit this weekend from The House Rabbit Society.

He’s the cutest darn thing ~ one ear up and one ear down {like the Playboy bunny}. Part Holland Lop {the dropped ear} but a mix of other breeds as well, one of which may include a breed called Lilac because he has a hint of lavender dove grey fur mixed in with the caramel coloring. He was left in a box at a pet store. He is about four to six months old and was rescued by the North Georgia Chapter of the House Rabbit Society. He has a twin brother who is just as cute and also will be going to his new home soon.

Gucci 2009 ~

I am pleased to introduce Gucci ~ our very stylish Italian house rabbit who we hope will be with us for a long time.

If any of you ever consider adopting a pet rabbit, you can gain a wealth of information from the House Rabbit Society. I have used their resources many times. Just click on the badge below for a link to their home page.

When I began this blog I was so bunny deprived that I adopted a virtual bunny in honor of Guido. My “virtual house rabbit” sits on my side bar right above my tunes and plays around when you click on him. Some of you may already know him. If you have a moment you can feed him a carrot.
You can adopt one too, if you are not ready for a cuddly house rabbit.

So that my friends, is my bunny story. I hope you have enjoyed it. Now I must hop to it and get some real work done. Thanks for stopping by.

Ciao amici,