Vintage Daffodils

They are not quite in bloom yet, but you still can enjoy this freshly picked bouquet of vintage daffodils and add a little sunshine to your winter Monday.

Surprisingly these bloom in our garden every year without an ounce of care. {I wish our entire yard could survive like that!}

We do not get a lot of these delicate flowers, but enjoy each and every one during the cold days of winter.

Last month we planted several dozen creamy white daffodil bulbs throughout the garden, so stay tuned, we may have some pretty ones popping up through the soil in a couple of months.

I promised you last week that my shop was full of fresh flowers ~ I have just listed this photograph and it is also now available in my Etsy shop...

...and is featured for the month of March on my 2010 Italian Girl in Georgia Calendar, which is in my Zazzle gallery.

Thank you so much for stopping by.
Ciao amici,