Who Has Been Naughty or Nice?

Welcome to my holiday home. I would have invited you in sooner, but we had a mishap in our little village...

Please forgive me and just give me a kiss under the mistletoe.

No one is watching except the golden vintage angel girl and she won't tell.

Mr. Frosty had an accident in our kitchen ~ pooping out marshmallows all over the marble table. This happened right before our cupcake party ~ what a mess! He is an old fellow, so I did not get upset. He got his broom out right away and began cleaning up.

Then he came up with a great idea ~ let's bag this stuff up and sell it on Etsy! After all it is hand made, isn't it?

{I don't think you will see these goodies in my Etsy shop ~ at least not this year ~ but the naughty people I know may receive some in their stockings.}

Wink, wink.

Then the children came and had a snowball fight outside {with marshmallows ~ we are in the South, don't forget ~ no snow} and ate delicious chocolate red velvet cupcakes with butter cream peppermint frosting.

After I clean up the red cupcake crumbs and "snowballs" outside, I will be ready to invite you into my Christmas home. I hope you will stop by tomorrow for a visit and stay a while.

Merry, merry!

Buon Natale,





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