Welcome to Our Home ~ Merry Christmas to You!

Welcome to our home and Merry Christmas Eve.

Now that the children's cupcake party is over, grab yourself a glass of bubbly...{This is one of my favorites.} Cin, cin.

...and a decadent chocolate bon bon to whet your appetite.

Please make yourself comfortable in our living room...we will light the fire and relax while we anticipate a yummy dinner.

{It's such a tradition in the South to have portraits in one's home, that we thought this one depicted our personalities best ~ our Sock Monkeys on a hot date.}

My lacey and delicate Moroccon votives illuminate the glittery hot pink balls, turquoise snowflakes, and indigo sequined and velvet ornaments.

When you are ready, please join me in our dining room.

A petit nativity will greet you...

Beaded fruit overflows in a wrought iron tiered basket...{Fresh pears will be on the table.}

A rustic terra cotta cherub snuggled within pine cones atop a vintage birdcage will watch over us.

My most favorite Christmas decoration of all ~ a petit porcelain nativity scene my son gave to me when he was two.

This is what Christmas is all about.

The beaded and tasseled minimally styled wrought iron chandelier is dimly lit for just the right atmosphere...

Please take your seat...oh, but this one is mine. After all, I am the angel of the house, right? {Don't let the monogram pearl "R" confuse you...my married name begins with "R."}

We are serving French cut lamb chops, grilled broccoli, Gorgonzola scalloped potatoes, and Caesar salad. {Thank goodness my husband is on vacation from school for two weeks and he will be helping me in the kitchen.} Buon appetito. Enjoy!

I set our table with warm shades of gilded gold, cream, silver, mocha, and saffron coloured roses...

'Got my fat ceramic bird propped up on a pretty Italian cake stand and surrounded her with a sparkly grapevine wreath, silk roses, golden pine cones, and glass ornament baubles.

I once read that the oldest form of decoration was ribbon {which I love to use on just about anything} ~ I had this soft satin ribbon that I tied around a single beeswax candle. I love how the light hits the ribbon and it shimmers.

The sun was just pouring in our dining room this afternoon and I captured these photos...it's amazing how different the light is in this room throughout the day.

These linen cocktail napkins are hand painted with gold and bronze cherubs done by an artist I used to know. I love them and take them out every Christmas and St. Valentine's Day.

This organza scarf adds softness to all the textures on the table.

Advent candles shine behind the crystal trifle bowl full of silvery ball ornaments.

A special gilded pine cone rose I have saved over the years found the perfect spot nestled in the luminescent burlap.

And...to extinguish the flickering flames, my vintage brass angel candle snuffer.

Now I'm about ready to retreat to our bedroom and read a good book for a bit...Currier & Ives is a good choice this time of year.

Our room is a glow in white lights and clear glass ornaments on the mantle of our original gas fireplace.

I thought this garland of pearls looked prettier in this old silver Revere bowl than on our tree.

I always have the angels watching over me.

Now it's time for me to say good night and Merry Christmas to all of you. I am so glad that you stopped by and I wish you all the best this season.

I hope Santa fills your stockings with special things and that all your wishes are fulfilled.

Don't forget to lock your door...after all, Santa still does come down the chimney.

Buon Natale Amici,