"Light Bulb Moment"

Last week I stopped by the Goodwill Emporium and Career Center (the interior which I designed a few years ago, while I was pregnant) and took a look around. This is the main drop off center in Middle Georgia for all the discontinued, out of season, and ever-so-slightly damaged merchandise of Target products. It’s great if you can get there and grab the stuff that Target has just pulled off their shelves and delivered, but is still in season.

Anyway, I found this “perfect” accent lamp for six bucks ($6) and I thought it would be great for my son’s bedroom. The only flaw was that the light bulb socket was a little loose and crooked. To correct it and make the shade sit tight, I wrapped electrical tape around it several times.

I used two of these lamps in his room at our Lake House Cottage (one shown below) with blue and white stripe ticking shades, and paid full price for them. They are cute, classic, practical, and fit in just about any décor, depending on what type of shade you pair with it.

My next stop was Target (I was going there anyway for something) and I purchased a plain white shade to fit the lamp.

The fun began when I got home and looked through the stash of ribbon I had, got out my glue gun and scissors, and had a little fun. I had a spool of three inch wide cobalt blue grosgrain ribbon and some scraps of one inch blue and white stripe grosgrain ribbon to use. This is what I did...

I love the nautical seaside look that happened with the blue and white ribbon stripes. The lamp turned out to be a charming and “bright” addition to the room. (These photos below were not taken in his room, but in our kitchen where I was working on the project.)

This was my "Light Bulb Moment" of the week. Enjoy your weekend.

Ciao amici,