First Day of Spring

One of the best things about living in the South is experiencing the glorious beginning of the Spring season year after year.
I recall the first Spring I spent in Georgia while a graduate student at the University of Georgia in Athens ~ the blooming dogwoods sparkling under haded canopies evergreens, cherry blossoms floating off the trees in light breezes like snowflakes, tulip magnolias opening up to the sky, azaleas in every colour dotting landscapes, enormous rhododendrons nestled in the woods, fragrant wisteria climbing up trellises, and hydrangea mops in almost every garden. It is a gorgeous floral backdrop for the chartreuse leaf buds about to burst on the naked trees.
This is what we have growing in our Southern garden. I took these photographs today, the first day of Spring. Enjoy.
~ ~ ~

Tulip Magnolia

Yoshino Cherry Blossom Tree


Dogwood Blossoms

Bubble Gum Pink Azaleas

Pom Poms ~ Hydrangea Tree

Pear Trees

Hot Pink Geraniums and Snowflake Bacopa

~ ~ ~
Happy Spring to You All
Ciao amici,