Simple Pleasures

...'been a little busy this week working on the cars in the garage.

Just fooling around with my son, building "cool" structures with
Tinker Toys and parking the Hot Wheels and tractors in their spots.
I would like to book a flight on that private jet soon!
~ ~ ~
Simple Pleasures


Elyse said...

i love building with my boys. my specialties: lego houses (with lots of windows) and intricate playmobil scenes!


fun on the floor

Shirley said...

Your little one looks like my two youngest grandsons, who love cars. They build with lego's, but they have lots of cars. Grandparents spoil little ones and start things for them to collect. I enjoy sitting in the floor and building with them.

NiceAndEasyAntiques said...

My "little boy" got his driver license yesterday...I guess he will be playing with big cars now...

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