In Like a Lion!

Mother Nature is doing her thing today. There were promises of snow today but that so rarely occurs here in the Deep South we did not believe it would happen. The last time it snowed here was the week my husband and I got married six years ago, but not like this...
~ ~ ~
Some daffodils I picked from our garden a few days ago, when it felt like Spring was near.

The walkway to our front door.

My son's playground. The dump trucks are full.

Blooming camellias frosted with powdery snow. Our 1920's pool house in the distance ~ one day to be restored as a guest cottage and my studio.

Frozen cold bunnies and bird bath.

~ ~ ~

What a beautiful day ~ winter never looked so good.
Ciao amici,


Debbi said...

Suzanne- we get those rare "surprise snowfalls" here in western Oregon this time of year too. Hey Marcela wrote such a wonderful article about you in the Etsy Cottage style blog!
Just love your photos!

Anonymous said...


The world is really upside-down this year. Hopefully we will be abundantly rewarded, once spring is here.... Bacione e buon lavoro! Ingrid

Bev said...

Suzanne your photos of your home are lovely, and that old pool house will be just perfect for a studio. My sister, Mary lives in Woodstock where I'll be visiting sometime in April. She also lives in a very old house! I'm in the mountains of VA where it snowed a couple days ago.

Italian Girl in Georgia ~ Suzanne MacCrone said...

Thank you friends. By this morning a lot of the snow had melted, but we had enough for a snow ball fight! It is a gorgeous sunny day today ~ the "lion" is purring.

Ciao amici,


Anonymous said...

Oh yes.. 'we' get snow down south... { I say that 'cause I'm a 'g.r.i.t.s' trapped up here in the North...} But it's not obnoxious like it is up here..a beautiful sight that knows it's place to melt away..lol..
Your flowers are so pretty!

Teacup Mosaics said...

oh stay warm and enjoy your special "frosting". Love your bright colors, your blog is like eye candy!!!

Inguaribile viaggiatore said...

Nice to meet you

RobinfromCA said...

Oh, those bunnies look so cold and those poor camellias! I can count on one hand the times we've actually had snow stick to the valley floor in my lifetime here in the valley I live in. It is kind of magical to see things frosted over you never thought you'd see!

Thanks for stopping by today. Glad you like the new look. Boy, if our books ever got together we'd all be out of a house! :-}


Grace said...

What gorgeous photos Suzanne! It's so interesting seeing flower blossoms against a dusting of beautiful snow. I can't wait for you to one day turn the pool house into a beautiful studio!!

I hope you are well and enjoying beautiful nature Suzanne! :)

Creative Vignettes said...

These snow shots take my breath away. We never get snow. Well, once in 20 years! I'm jealous!

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