Backyard Archeology

Medicine & Toiletry Bottles ~ Winter White Narcissus ~ An Abandoned Bird's Nest

~ ~ ~

Treasures found in our backyard ~ old medicine and toiletry bottles and narcissus popping up in unexpected places ~ all after having our backyard bulldozed and cleared, the old 1920’s concrete swimming pool filled in, and a few fallen trees removed.

The winter rains exposed the bottles in addition to so many other treasures and fertilized the miniature bulbs, which continue to grow after being planted over fifty years ago.

This piece of hardware, an old ceramic door knob, we cleaned off and will use as a paperweight! How about that Miss you approve? (Grace is the fabulous and creative stylist who shows all of us how to make our houses into Poetic Homes ~ you can find her on the sidebar in my "blog beauties" too.)

And an abandoned bird’s next from last Spring…

...with which I have nestled robin’s egg blue hand soaps and will find a place for in our powder room.

Ciao amici,





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