Laundry List

There is something so authentic about hanging laundry out to dry on a clothes line...

The Italians have a way with laundry and they seem to create wonderful photographic opportunities for those of us who have a desire to capture the simplicity of their lifestyle and their certain customs on film. When I was studying in Cortona, Italy, I lived in a monastery which had been converted into a make-shift dormitory for all of us students. There were no washers and dryers for us to use, so we scrubbed our clothes outside in a large galvanized bucket with an old-fashioned washboard.

Then we would hang everything out to dry on the clothes lines in the walled garden…

or in the sanctuary courtyard...

Under Where?

...and other spots we could find.

After a few months of living there, I happened to become good friends with the Italian women and their little children, because I could speak the Italian language and communicate with them conversationally on a regular basis. They loved it and occasionally they would take my laundry and wash it with all of the monastery linens in the machines!

~ ~ ~

I love the fresh scent of crisp cotton sheets that have been blowing in the breeze and dried by the sun. I actually have a clothes line in my back yard! And…I do hang my linens out to dry.

Now it is time for me to do some of my own laundry. Stay clean and don’t air your “dirty laundry” out to dry!
Ciao for now my friends.

~ ~ ~

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