My Bermuda

Last month we went to Bermuda…I had been there before about fifteen years ago and simply LOVED the place! I have a few photographs from that trip, but wanted to shoot more ~ especially of the colourful and beautiful and unique architecture.

I was full of anticipation and ideas for new photo ops. I packed my little digital camera for snap shots and my trusted Canon EOS SLR with my mega lenses and lots of rolls of colour film for the good stuff.

Pegam Cottage ~ our hangout for the week.

So I thought that while scooting around on a moped on trails less traveled I would be able to capture some photographs that the average tourist does not. You may know that non-residents of Bermuda are not allowed to drive; therefore the only means of transportation is by “pedal bike,” motor scooter, or the dreaded taxi, which are now mini vans ~ aaahh! Well, during my first visit to the island(s) I of course rented a motor scooter (with my mother even riding on the back holding tightly to me). The speed limit was a mere 25 mph or whatever it was in kilometers and I explored as much as I could. We scooted from one end of the island to the other and back again and again.

However, this time around it was a little different…the speed limit has increased to 45 mph with most drivers hitting at least 55 mph on the narrow, hilly, and winding roads. The scooters are bigger and faster too. But I was determined ~ I was going to do it again. The joke was on me! Forget about it ~ as I got off the scooter, just after practicing in the parking lot, I popped a wheelie, almost ran over the rental agent and another scooter that fortunately my husband had just gotten off of and parked! It was hysterical and scary and my adrenaline was pumping. My husband and I decided it would be best if we rented “pedal bikes” instead. After all, we have a little guy we had to go home to. We pedaled, it was fun. I shot over one hundred photographs in the span of four days ~ here are some photos to share with you…most before Bertha hit and some after she paid us a visit and delayed our flight home one day.

Ironically, all of the photographs I made were with my digital camera and most of them scenic, but as I shot all of these I thought of it as a short documentary of our trip. I hope you will enjoy it.

Anchored Aqua Boat in Aqua

Miss Sally, Mangrove Bay ~ View from Pegam Cottage

Cambridge Beaches Architecture

Yummy Yellow!

Love the Lush Green Foliage!

Fig Tree Leaves

Parson's Bay

Two Rock Passage ~ View from Ferry

Somerset Village...or maybe a Rainbow Village

" The Face of Bermuda"
I wonder if the homeowners planned this landscape design and facade!

White Rooftops

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More White Rooftops...I just love them!

This photograph is also available in my Etsy shop.

And Some More...White Rooftops at Cambridge Beaches

View of Harbor

The Day Before the Storm ~ View from Pegam Cottage

Bertha is on her way...

Bertha Makes a Hit ~ View from Window of Pegam Cottage

Old Mossy Tree

The Day after the storm it was gorgeous outside, so we went for a short walk while waiting for our ride to the airport. This tree was spectacular! I had not seen any like this in Bermuda and it so reminded me of the old mossy oaks found along Coastal Georgia.

Old Archway and Walking Path

Pink and Lime Kayaks

Old Boat with Oar

Coconuts on the Beach

Blue Boat

Bermuda Bungalow

This photograph is available in my Etsy shop.


Bye for now. Thank you for visiting my Bermuda.