School Days

Do you think these kids are ready for school?

These photographs are featured in my Etsy shop
to mark the beginning of the new school year and
I think that their “uniforms” are perfect!

Celebrate after school snacks and add some fun to the table with Raggedy Ann and Andy. I found these dolls at an antique market and they just happened to be perfectly posed and ready for a photo shoot! Original, fun, and playful placemats which are just right for your little ones to use. Printed from my original photographs and sealed with a heavy duty, water resistant plastic laminate. These are terrific for everyday use, parties, picnics, a second home, or play room.

Fruit Loops

This colourful twosome was hanging out by the beach in Puerto Vallarta one hot Spring day. Actually, they were sitting on a table taking orders for tropical drinks for the tourists! This is one of my favorite photographs. I have it hanging in my kitchen and even used it as a “Save the Date” card for our wedding! It makes me smile and laugh a little every time I look at it.

In the Navy

I found these charming patriotic little lovers at the same antique market that Raggedy Ann and Andy were hanging out at...I think there was a party that we did not know about. These precious vintage dolls are an adorable addition to any cozy cottage...or classroom.

Don’t be late to class!


Jenny said...

Those Raggedy Ann and Andy are adorable!

Love your blog!

Grace @ Poetic Home said...

How festive! I love the tropical fruit couple :) and the fact that you used the photo for your save the date cards. So fun!

Terri said...

I love the raggedy Ann and Andy! Your blog looks great!


Italian Girl in Georgia ~ Suzanne MacCrone said...

Thank you ALL for your wonderful comments and for reading my blog! I appreciate it, you know.

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