A Hay Ride Through the Corn Maze...and a Tribute to Wooly

'Just got back from a day on a working Fun Farm with my son's kindergarten class. This is the second year we have trekked up to the small town of Forsyth, Georgia for this afternoon of play, feeding goats, hay rides, and picking out pumpkins.


Last year I wrote about this place and you may remember my friend, "Wooly." I asked the proprietor, Chuck, about him ~ telling him that his portrait {Wooly's that is} was up on my blog and that he had a little fan club. Sadly, I was told that last December some dogs attacked the sheep, as well as the goats and they were killed. The llama escaped from the dogs and was found running down the country road. These were not wild dogs, although I hardly think that they were domesticated ~ hunting the farm animals as they did. The farm acquired some new goats, but the sheep {there were two} were not replaced.

Last year it was a bright, warm, and breezy Indian summer day when we were here. This week however, the weather was a complete contrast ~ drizzly, foggy, and chilly autumn day. I was pleasantly surprised at how moody these photographs turned out. I hope you will enjoy your visit.

The Pumpkin Path

We were the first to arrive, so I was lucky to capture these images before dozens of little people were running all over the place.

Big Blue Tractor ready for the hay ride...

About twenty five or more of us piled in the trailer and sat on the bales of hay for a bumpy ride through the corn maze.

They offer "Flashlight Corn Maze" tours in the fall, but that idea sort of gives me the creeps...I am not a bug person, and who knows what creatures could be crawling around in the mud and fields at dusk...

After a snack and some hot chocolate to warm us up, we picked out some pumpkins to take home.

Wishing you all a pleasant weekend...

...and dedicating this post to "Wooly."

Ciao amici,


Tracy Suzanne said...

Hey Suzanne. Thanks for sharing those pictures. It's so peaceful and pretty. I just love the pumpkin path. I need a farm so I can have a long drive and afford to put pumpkins all the way down it.
Have a fun weekend Sweetie...Tracy

Poppins said...

Hallo Suzanne!
I have been terrible these last weeks...abandoned my friends. I am sorry. Since there has been so much work lately I have been very rude, not visiting friends. But I was glad to hear from you and that you have missed me!

I will have one day off on Friday and I am looking forward to have a day on my own. I am longing to photograph. I read about your local exhibition. Sad that the rain ruined it.

Poor Wooly! What an awful way to go! Apart from that your visit to "Pumpkin Land" must have been fun. I hope you will have a great Halloween.


Anonymous said...

ooh I'm sooo sorry to hear about Wooly!! He looks soo cute!
looks like it was a wonderful time otherwise...I think I might like the corn maze!!
gonna be getting my package out soon! =)

Grace said...

Indeed, the photos were quite moody and perfect for fall. I love the pumpkin walkway and especially your endearing photo of Wooly. It's so tragic about what happened to him and his friends :(

P.S. Thank you so much for your sweet comments about the fairytale on my blog! I love imagining you reading the story to your wonderful son!

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