The Old Black Witch & Jack Pumpkinhead of OZ ~ A Halloween Holiday

I am so glad you have joined us for our Halloween Holiday ~ thank you for stopping by. Do turn on the music...I've selected some haunting melodies.

The gate is not locked...please come in.
{I know it squeaks, but don't let that scare you.}

Up the stone steps is the front door...I love the crackle of fallen leaves, don't you? {Be careful and do not fall through that missing step.}


Oh, this is Fido ~ he tries to spook everyone, even me. Do not worry, his roar is more fierce than his bite and he does not scratch too hard ~ you never need more than one teensy weensy bandage...

{FYI My Friends ~ This is not my pet...I do not like cats. I figure that you are either a "cat" person or not. I am not. I saw this feline lurking at me this week as I was walking through the neighborhood. Perfect timing, huh? }

Ring the bell loudly ~ don't be shy. I am in the dungeon doing some last minute preparations.

That light mysteriously burns out every year during Halloween week...the bats are happier when it is dark.

Do come in!

I've even dusted my family portraits...

{This was actually hanging in some one's home in Middle Georgia...ugh! I found this and the one below at a local antique collective. Who in the world would have a skull portrait in their home?}

She is lovely isn't she? But no, this is not a portrait of yours truly, but of my great, great, great, great, witchie Auntie Susie from Salem...we have heard lots of stories about her...

{I had to include this uh, "pretty" girl just because of her name.}

The black chandelier is dimly lit for just the right mood and ambiance.

Only the finest monogrammed linens for my lovely guests.


Not to all have met some of the guests who will be here and even tasted some of the concoctions I created...just for you.

The candles are careful and do not burn your fingertips.

Oops! Who spilled the beans?

It must have been the "Old Black Witch"...

Or perhaps it was "Jack Pumpkinhead of OZ."

No, no, no, not me...I just ate all the black jelly beans.

May I offer you a goblet of some pinot NOIR?

It is chilled to just the perfect temperature.

Or would you prefer some delicious and hauntingly hot cocoa?

Since this is just a spooky story time party and not so scary after all and considering that my head is a bit wobbly, I will have the witches brew of hot cocoa ~ thank you very kindly.

I think this party is coming to a close...and it is time for me to roam the neighborhood.

Thank you for your visit. I hope you sleep well tonight.

~ ~ ~

Happy Halloween! I'm off to take my little pirate out to walk the plank...

Ciao amici,


{My first painting of a jack~o~lantern. My mother kept this for decades and I have recently added it back into my portfolio.}