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When I was in graduate school working on my Masters of Fine Arts degree at UGA, I had the opportunity to design my own course of study in interior design. My thesis was restaurant design and because of that so many courses within the art department were appropriate for me to include in my curriculum. Of course, I chose the best ones! I did fabric design, furniture design, colour theory, paper making and bookbinding. I cannot tell you which class was my favorite ~ I loved them all for very different reasons. They all brought out different aspects of my creativity and there were no limits to what I could do. After all, I was still in school not in the "real world."

I do not have the opportunity to now create hand made paper as I used to while in school, using my old cotton and silk clothing. 'Cooking it in large vats until it was pulp, shaping the mushy billowy pudding-like pulp on the paper forms, pressing and squeezing out all the water, layering each leaf with blotters, and anxiously awaiting for several days the final piece of paper ~ never really knowing how it would turn out. That was the beauty of it all.

Although I do not make paper now, I recently have been working on some new ways to make pretty hand made booklets using my fine art prints and designs with a variety of papers for my Etsy shop and my new Art Fire Gallery, which I have just opened this week.

If you're looking for the perfect place to record your adventures, sketch your ideas, preserve memories, or store your thoughts, look no further than these lovely handmade booklets.

These little books contain twenty four pages of 50 pound acid free sketch paper and ten sheets of transparent tracing paper. The book cover is a giclee print of one of my original gouache designs on 120 pound watercolour paper. The inside cover is printed with a coordinating design.

On the inside of the front cover I have placed a hand cut pocket made from 80 pound textured card stock adorned with vintage millinery, jewels, or other gems. Within the pocket there is a giclee print bookmark I made and tied with ribbons, twine, pearls, and other pretty scraps. The book is hand bound with grosgrain ribbon and tied with a floppy bow. Each is crafted with care and is a one of a kind booklet.

Right now I have just a few listed in my shops, but am working on more. I'd love to know what you all think of them.

Now...I would like to show you what I am giving away in celebration of my one year "Blogoversary."

One of these matted colour photographs ~ both have been favorites on Flickr and in many Etsy treasuries. Clean Laundry has been featured on the Front Page. Pick your favorite.

Precious Pink Cottage

Clean Laundry

A set of laminated magnets ~ Clean Palette and Messy Palette. Both of these photographs have also been in numerous Etsy treasuries. Messy Palette has been in Flickr Explore.


And a pair of note cards ~ these are two of my photographs that were recently featured in Somerset Life.

In order to qualify for the give away and have a chance to have your name chosen, please leave a comment. For those of you who have already left a comment on my "Blogoversary" day on August 11th, you are included too.

In your comment please let me know what you think of my new hand made booklets and which matted photograph you would like to receive ~ Precious Pink Cottage or Clean Laundry. You have until September 1st ~ and I will announce the winner a few days later.

Thank you all for reading what I write and coming back for more. It's been fun so far.

Ciao amici,



Beti Copetti said...

Precious little books! I love the pink! And the blue! And the green! ;-)
And I realy love your pink cottage with the adirondak chair!!!
Congrats again!
Hugs from Brazil!

Digital Misfit said...

The little books are beautiful. They would be perfect for gift giving as a little memory album.

Clean Laundry is my favorite print.

♥ Heidi


Andrea Singarella said...

Your art is just beautiful, Suzanne, and it always comes straight from your heart. I cherish the watercolor journal I bought from you in Georgia. ANd these new books are wonderful as well!
I like both prints....if I'm the lucky winner, surprise me!
xo andrea

julie king said...

you are so creative!!!! i love everything you do! my choice for the print would be clean laundry. i love the look of clothes hanging on a line.

your booklets are great and very original! congrats on your one year!!!

Elyse said...

hi suzanne!

thank you for the sweet comment on my blog.

your new hand made booklets are very cool. i like how it's such a coordinated line. i am big into packaging and branding so sets like yours always win me over! great materials, too.

both matted photographs are lovely but i think that precious pink cottage is my fave.

congrats on your blogthday, too!


Mary Isabella and Kiley too! said...

The books are stunning. Please enter me in your give-a-way...m..

Scrappy Jessi said...

hey doll,
wow happy anniversary!!!!
miss ya girl.

BlogMasterPg said...

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Suzanne MacCrone said...

Hey My Friends,

For those of you who left comments early on, you may have noticed that I changed the date to September 1st for the give away drawing. 'Just wanted to give enough time for all my friends and fans to check it out!

Thank you for your kind comments.


Rhonda @ Shellbelle's Tiki Hut said...

Hi Suzanne, congrats on your one year blogoversary! Thanks for stopping by my Zazzle store and leaving such a sweet note.

Speaking of sweet notes, your booklets are wonderful, so girly girl and wouldn't they make such a lovely gift? I just love all the little extra touches you included to make them extra-special — the pocket, the bookmark, and the ribbons.

I think they would be perfect to take along on a vacation to record thoughts and memories in.

BTW, I love the Pink Cottage, I want to live in it, but for now a print will suffice should I happen to be the lucky winner of your giveaway.

twinkleshabbystar said...

Happy Bloganniversay sweet friend! Arent ya glad I turned you onto it? tee! hee! ;) Your booklets turned out beautiful!!! I love your attention to detail and they really are so unique and lovely! Enter me in the drawing! tee! hee!
Miss you! We need a girls night SOON!!! ;) XOXO,Jenn

Shiningwoman, freelance artist said...

Your photographs are so colorful, exciting and upbeat...really a pleasure to view. Casey

Bevie said...

Hi Suzanne I not only just found your awesome blog, but have the chance to win one of your great prints..they are both terrific, but I'm drawn to the *Clean Laundry* perhaps because I used to use close lines to dry all mine! Your little booklets are perfect for gift giving, but I have a feeling I'd keep them just for Moi!!! hhehehe!! Congratulations on your 1 year of bloging...I think I've been at it just about a year too...hummm...you've given me a grand idea...Blessings to you my dear!!!

The Vintage Sister said...

Wow Suzanne! The books are wonderful. I absolutely loved art school. It was so nice to work on so many different things every week...I miss it.
I love the pink cottage print. I actually want the cottage but I would also love the print:)

Rachelle said...

Your little books are darling! I just found your blog and am loving all of your pictures. I'd love the clean laundry photo if I'm a winner. :) I love the idea of your books--they speak to the writer in me. I always tote around some kind of notebook with me, but they can't be plain, they need to inspire. You've done well with your creation.

Rachelle said...

Oh, and can I just say that I love that green ribbon with the brown dotties--so cute!

Anonymous said...

Congrats on your blog-versary Suzanne!!Your photos and booklets are beautiful~they made me smile as they reminded me of when I was in school and taking my photos classes. Most of my projects turned into handmade books as a way of displaying my photos:)

I'dlove to see your photos included in the booklets somehow:)
Have a fantastic weekend!!

Whimsical Creations said...


I would love the pink cottage print.

=D melanie

Suzanne MacCrone said...

Love all of your comments and ideas about my booklets! Thank you!

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