Blogoversary & Give Away!

Hello Friends,

It has been exactly one year since I opened my "studio" to you and began this blog. You may remember these little feet waiting at the front door...

...and I asked you to take a seat and enjoy the view while we were still under construction.

Well, it is that little person's birthday today too. Because of that, this post will be brief because I have to get ready for a birthday dinner celebration for our little big five year old.

I did not plan to start a blog on August 11th of last year...in fact I did not plan to start a blog at all. However, I am so pleased that I did. It has been a joy getting to know some of you ~ from Italy to San Diego, from Sweden to Seattle, and all over. It surprises me every day when I look at the map of visitors to my site. I have had almost 14,000 visitors to date, and for me that is a LOT. I know some of you other talented ones out there get that in a month or so, but I am happy to be discovered.

This blog keeps me creative in so many ways. You all know what I mean about that ~ it makes us think about all we do during the day, what we see, what we read, how we express those discoveries here. I think that I will continue for at least another year...

But for now, I want to announce that I am going to be giving away some good stuff {'cannot tell you what yet} to thank you for your kind words over this past year, your acknowledgements on some of your blogs, all the Etsy Treasuries in which fellow Etsians have included my photography and paintings {some of which have even made the Front Page!}, and of course those of you who have purchased and published my work.

So, this is the deal ~ on Friday, August 14th I will post what I am giving away and let you know what the scoop is. In the meantime, there will be snippets and sneak peeks of the goods on my Flickr photostream. There are even a few clues here if you do some clicking.

See you then. Ciao amici,



Beti Copetti said...

Congrats for your blogversary!
I love your photos!
Sono belle!

Anonymous said...

Happy 1 Year! 8-11-2009...Colorful and Classy you'all are! Gratzie!

Sea Angels said...

Happy Bloggy Birthday, your pictures and posts are always lovely to see.
Hugs Lynn xxxx

Angela said...

Congrats Suzanne!! I can't believe I haven't seen you around town yet of course you've been at Seaside and I have been all over I think...maybe we can all get together soon! Congrats again on your first year of blogging...my 100th post will be soon, so check with me in the next few days for my giveaway!

Debbi said...

Happy 1st blog birthday, always have loved your biz name! Geeez I dont even know how long I have my blog...I guess I may have to check LOL

leesiebella said...

Hi Suzanne! Congrats on being 1 year old!! I just read thru your blog and caught up... I must say I am quite jealous of your beach trip! WOW, amazing views and adorable shopping!!!!

Congrats again on your success!!

shabbyscraps said...

hi sweetie! Hope you are having a great summer. Just catching up with people I miss! Glad to see we are going to mee tup again at Jenn's!
xoxo, Tiffany

Shirley said...

Congrats on your blogversary. I read your blog and I love all of your pictures. It is my way of seeing the world and tonight has been the night for reading others blogs. I enjoy doing this every so often to see what others have been doing.

Suzanne MacCrone said...

Hey Friends,

I am happy that you could celebrate with me! Next week I will let you all know who gets the goodies. I wish I could give something to each of you.

Ciao amici,

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