12 October 2014

Country Fair ~ A Nostalgic Nod

Americana and southern traditions run deep here in the South every autumn.  This year marked the 25th anniversary of the Georgia National Fair, so we honored that milestone and joined the thousands of others from all over the state who did the same.  

It was a spectacular summer day in the fall...90 degrees - blue sky, sunshine, and vanilla cream cotton candy clouds.

This "picture perfect" day gave me the perfect opportunity to experiment with an idea I have had for quite a while...

...since the last time we were at the fair about three or four years ago {which is as often as I need this type of intense indulgence of everything}.

So, in between riding on some really scary rides that I was persuaded to try {just this one time} and prayed would not collapse while we were on them, I made some photographs.

While I was in the midst of posting these current photographs, I found some from one of our previous visits to the fair and played around with them as I did these new images.

A little cross process, tweaking fill light and saturation, and adding a "1960's" filter gave these photos just the look I was hoping for - a nostalgic nod to an ever present bygone era.

Vibrant colour, sparkly prizes, carnival lights, ornate details,

...and my little guy on the carousel when he was just four years old.

The details on some of the amusements are exquisitely crafted, even though ghoulish at times with their carved facial expressions popping out here and there, surprising us around each and every corner of the carnival.

Sensory overload in every way.

Even these yellow duckies had to put their shades on and chill out in the cool pool.

And after dizzying day of decadence in every way, so did we.

I hope you enjoyed my view of the Georgia National Fair.  Would love to hear your comments about this new collection of photographs.  

I will be offering some of these images in my Etsy Boutique, Zazzle Gallery, Society6, and My Front Porch - each available in different formats in each store.

As always, thank you for your visit.

Ciao amici,

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Joining a few of these friends on the Ferris Wheel this week.

05 October 2014

Pink Inspiration ~ Every Day of the Year

Sharing a little pink inspiration with you this week.  Enjoy.

 Passionate Pink Peonies

Fresh Vintage Pink Laundry

Petite Pink Lilies

PINK, a 2015 Calendar so you may enjoy pink every day of the year...
{available in my Zazzle shop}

 January - April

 May - August

September - December
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And if you need more pink inspiration, you can take a peek at my Pink & White Pinterest board and my Etsy boutique.

As always, I appreciate your visit, especially your comments.  Thank you.

Ciao amici,

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Sharing my inspiration with some of these friends this week.

10 September 2014

A Rainbow of Scrumptiousness

Although I have shared our personal summer bounty of garden goodness with you all recently,

the summer farmer's market at Rosemary Beach tempted my palate...

and will tempt yours too, I am sure.

The colours of summer - peach, yellow, red, green, purple - a rainbow of 

Crusty rosemary and olive ciabatta loaves in the mix are always a good idea

And so are fresh eggs wrapped in their lovely pastel shells.

My new favorite - fresh Brussels sprouts sauteed in porcini mushroom olive oil, garlic, Pecorino Parmesan, a sprinkle of Himalayan sea salt and pepper {hungry yet?}.

Fresh and organic goodness.

Healthy goodness.

Buon Appetito!

As always, I appreciate your visit.  Thank you.

Ciao amici,

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Prints of these photos available on My Front Porch.

08 September 2014

A Hint of Autumn Colour

While the temperatures in the South are still steamy, the leaves are beginning to fall from the trees and the colour of the foliage is changing to the golden warm hues of yellow, rich crimson, and sunset orange.  Autumn is approaching.

{Laundry Day at the Monastery, Carmel Mission, Read & Relax, Fontana di Cortona}

Sharing with you some of my favorite colour film photographs in those wonderful warm tones.

{Eight Geraniums, Cotswold Cottage, Cotswold Village, Red Telephone Booth, Secret Garden}


Ciao amici,

28 July 2014

Nothin' Sweeter

There's nothing sweeter than a Georgia Peach...they say.

For those of you who know me out there, every summer I hit the fruit stands to gather bushels of peaches almost every week during their peak season.  But before they are devoured by my family or made into peach cobbler, I photograph this luscious fruit and capture forever their delicate texture, vibrant colour, and the hint of the sweetness that lies beneath their fuzzy skin.

It's a Cezanne moment for me...if you know what I mean.

They are some of our favorite creations from Mother Nature's summer garden, and each and every bite tastes deliciously scrumptious!  In fact, the other morning I asked my son if he had sprinkled powdered sugar on the sliced peaches I gave him for breakfast because they tasted like candy.  {He said no.  And that really was the truth.}

One of my other Southern summer passions is my Shasta Daisy garden.

These babies grew almost as tall as me this year and we just planted them in the Spring of 2013 when they were tiny specimens I purchased from the local Master Gardeners' Club.  They did not look pretty then, but I knew with the help of several green thumbs that we have in our family, they would thrive.  They have.

Love, love having fresh blooms to cut from my garden and bring indoors.

Happy flowers.  Nothin' sweeter.

Happy week to you all.  See you soon.

Ciao amici,

~ ~ ~

Sharing with some of these blog friends this week and Tuesday Garden Party.

10 July 2014

Garden Goodness

Summer tomatoes...

...ugly, Russian, heirloom, yellow, purple, cherry.

It's what's for dinner most of our summer evenings.

The garden mix of crazy cucumbers, banana peppers, fresh rosemary, basil, and...

a concoction of balsamic vinegars and delicate olive oils...

...freshly ground pepper and sea salt, maybe a sprinkle of goat cheese or feta makes a scrumptious salad.  

Or maybe we'll have a plain tomato and cucumber sandwich. 

Or, a fancy BLT.

Later it will be fresh gazpacho.
{Have I shared my recipe with you?  If not, I'll do that later this summer.}

It does not really matter how we eat them.  All that matters is that we got them before the squirrels and deer did!

Enjoy your summer bounty.

Ciao amici,
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