09 September 2015

Weekend in New England

At one time it was the playground for the elite, where their summer cottages overlooked the rocky shores and sea with yachts and sailboats dotting the blue bay.

Now it's a destination for all to explore, which we did this past weekend enjoying the luxury and beauty of this part of our country while sharing our time with family for a special wedding at the Castle Hill Inn.

Perfect weather, perfect views.

Endless sky and sea.

Kayakers mingling with sailors...

...and shore birds.

Ocean Drive was a mix of French country cottages with old world details, 

...and hand crafted construction and patina that is unmatched in today's buildings.

Italian Renaissance villas with perfectly manicured gardens and terraces looked as though they belonged to the rugged Amalfi coast.

Along the Cliff Walk we discovered love locks - padlocks of all kinds with initials written or etched on them and locked permanently onto the chain link fence.  

This was the oldest one I found.

Keys thrown into the ocean.

Love locked.  Forever.

As always, thank you for your visit.

Ciao amici,

24 August 2015

Rural Georgia Road Trip

This summer we explored some of our very own Southern turf and embraced the South's unique beauty.

Abandoned plantation homes and rustic farm fences along country roads near Madison, Georgia made us wonder what used to be.

The simple construction and organic materials of this fence make it as much a part of the landscape as it hugs the vast green meadow, as are the old oak trees.

A white barn nestled in the woods and draped with kudzu would be a perfect garden retreat or studio.

Lovely manicured farmland in Pinehurst, Georgia {owned by friends of ours} reminds me of places I have seen in Italy.

Sweet corn fields, lakes, and...

...vistas that go on and on take my breath away.

Acid yellow mustard fields that bloom for acres along the road to the coast of Georgia looked like sunshine in a field.

Country churches and simple cemeteries...

...allowed us to take a moment and explore the history of who are buried in this place.

Since I moved to Georgia slightly more than a decade ago, I have made a collection of country church photographs.  Someday I will share them, but this one is Mount Perry Church on the way from Macon to Monticello, Georgia.

Fields of pink and white cosmos surprised us along a north Georgia mountain highway.

So beautiful that I had to get up close and personal.

Summer beauty.

Hoping that yours was as lovely. 
As always, thank you for your visit.

Ciao amici,

~ ~ ~

11 August 2015

Keeping the Spirit of Summer

I missed a month or so of putting my words on these pages, but it seems fitting that I return on my blogoversary as I begin my eighth year of blogging to say hello again.

Why does it seem as though the days pass so quickly?  There are as many hours in the days now as there were when we were children...when summer seemed to last forever.

We have had some "dog days of summer" while trying to defy the sweltering Southern heat this year, but also have enjoyed some "lazy days of summer" when we have had the chance to steal an afternoon nap, sit by the sea, walk along the shore, watch the clouds float above us...

 ...or lay on the beach and luxuriate in reading a book for hours until it is finished, with the background music of crashing waves and the soft ocean breeze brushing against our skin.

It has gone by much too quickly and even though it is not officially over {school has already begun here in the Deep South}...

...we are keeping the spirit of summer with us for as long as we can.

As always, thank you for your visit.


Ciao amici,

25 June 2015

A Very Special House Rabbit

The most fashion forward, stylish bun ever.

We found you after you were rescued from a box left at a pet store and loved you the moment we saw you.

Gucci, our Deep South Italian bunny rabbit.

One ear up.  One ear down.

Always sitting proud.

You loved us and we loved you.

We will miss you.

Gucci Rogers: 2009 - 2015.  
A very special house rabbit.

20 June 2015

Mother Nature's Hideaways

Once upon a time in my garden tiny cottages built from Mother Nature's finest materials were discovered.

Spanish moss picked from local live oaks surrounds the landscape, French lavender harvested from my garden last month covers the roof...

...hickory tree bark found in our woods holds up the walls, and a picket fence framing the property are some of the elements that were used to build this petite fairy cottage.

With a mix of some mossy "logs" cut from a fallen limb, a pretty blue bird and some vintage millinery flowers, glass stones for a path leading to the entrance of the fairy cottage...

 ...and a violet vintage dragonfly perched perfectly on a freeze dried chartreuse ranunculus, a charming cottage garden was created.

Not so far away, a barn bug house was spied upon by some butterflies and a busy bumble bee.

Pine bark and burlap, pecan shells and acorn caps...

...pebbles, twigs, and moss are all the foundation for this cozy and comfortable bug bungalow.

Scattered paper flowers are nestled in the mossy ground and a glass sun face medallion, which is emblazoned on the back barn wall, sparkles in the sunlight.

This charming cottage was created by my muse, my ten year old son.  {I created the one above.}

This is just one of the many projects we taught at our two week Summer Arts Camp this June.  To see more of our art projects the the creations made by the Camper Kids, please visit our Summer Arts Camp website.

As always, thank you for your visit.

Ciao amici,

~ ~ ~

The backdrop I used in these photographs is a vintage folio which was once used to store fine table linens.  I found it several years ago at local antique flea market.  When I purchased it {for about two dollars} I was pleased to find out who it belonged to - a family friend and an artistic icon in this town.

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