Georgia, USA


Earlier this Spring I was honored to be one of twelve designers in Georgia chosen by Sherwin Williams to determine the color palettes for 2023 and beyond. Each of us selected six to eight colors, which we have used in our projects throughout the Atlanta Metropolitan Area, presented those individual projects, and created a palette of trending paint colors in residential interior and exterior design for the next few years.

Sherwin Williams will be presenting the collection later this year.

Suzanne M Rogers Interiors, Macon, GA

Suzanne M Rogers Interiors clients are driving a color trend story that is significant. Couples purchasing homes with dated interiors, which need remodeling and updating; millennials purchasing their first homes - many of which are historic - also requiring renovations and modernizing; professionals in health care, law, education, and many other work from home individuals are all impacting and influencing the color palette direction of their dwellings.

Suzanne M Rogers Interiors, Macon, GA

I use clean and crisp colors frequently to create a canvas for interiors that is elegant, sophisticated, and personal. Our niche has been working with clients who do not want to start entirely from scratch. The personal character and ambience of their homes has become a very important element within the last couple of years.

Lighting Design, The Fifth Wall

Colors derived from Mother Nature’s elements are always a good choice – washes of pale blue, green, pink, sand – and evoke a sense of calm in an otherwise chaotic world today. More saturated colors compliment and anchor these wispy tones. Bold furnishings, fabrics, art, and accessories stand out against this backdrop creating an interior with dynamic movement. Decorative accessories add the personal touches to their home interiors with bold and expressive color touches.

Foyer Design

With more and more people working from home there has been a strong desire to create an environment that is tranquil and comforting. Quiet, light, sunny spaces in which to work undistracted with views out windows to private gardens, swimming pools, streetscapes, or lakes are appealing. The backdrop of a color palette of soft tones tends to reduce their stress and improve their mood and creativity. A quiet down to earth color palette anchored in strong neutrals can set this tone.

Lighting Design

Home Office Interior Design

There is a current desire in the residential market to incorporate antique or vintage family furnishings, artwork, and meaningful mementos in newly designed homes.

Home Office Design, Suzanne M Rogers Interiors, Macon, GA

Our clients wish to incorporate their collections of furniture, art, and mementos and create a fresh look by adding new furnishings and finishes to their homes. The modern mix of styles and textures works well against the soft colors in my color palettes. I love to give new life to treasured heirlooms! Choosing the right colors for the backdrop is key in allowing these treasures to be enjoyed by a new generation.

Interior Architectural Details, Historic Home Renovation

All of our clients are professionals, however even though they range in age from the mid-twenties to the mid-sixties, it seems that they all are striving to achieve the same sense of comfort at home, with the emphasis on an imaginative remix of design styles.

When you are ready for a color change to increase your exterior curb appeal or to more accurately reflect your current lifestyle in your interior, a color palette change of your home is an easy and cost effective solution.

Suzanne M Rogers Interiors expertise is in color palette design and we offer flat fee packages for this service. Contact us to schedule an in person consultation and discuss your options. We are currently booking for June appointments.