Reflections...on Christmas

On the sixth day of Christmas...

...perfectly pink camellias bloomed in our living room, while a petite pink Christmas tree sparkled in the background.

I have always wanted to have a tiny tree to place upon a table, as I would a bouquet of flowers at Christmastime.  Our yard which was blooming with an abundance of pink camellias was a magical pink woodland garden.  

Mother Nature's creation needed to be reinvented inside our home.

I found this little fir and went to work.

First the snow had to fall...and dust this evergreen with a hint of frost.

Then my collection of pink ornaments - vintage and new - hand blown glass orbs, blush pink vintage German glass ornaments, felted roses, sparkly snowflakes, shiny fuchsia glass balls, tiny beaded chandeliers...

...and twinkle lights were perfectly placed on the branches.

A coral pink flouncy soft organza bow and a bouquet of roses crowned the tree.

It was like looking through window panes to the garden outside, seeing the different reflections of the pink sparkle in the mirrors on the marble mantle.

I hope that you all had a blessed Christmas...

...and that you might consider taking the advice above for the New Year, "You only live once, you might as well be amusing"  by Coco herself.

I'll see you in the New Year friends.

Ciao amici,