A Wickedly Wonderful and Delightfully Delicious Mad Rabbit Halloween Tea Party

So glad you are here.  


Come mingle a bit.

The Glamorous Goblins have been anticipating this spellbound soiree for weeks.

The spirits of this old manse have even come alive and come for a visit once again.

The room is aglow.

While the Glamorous Goblins have been floating around making sure all the details are just perfect, our resident wise owl, the Mad Rabbits, and our "butler" Guss, have prepared treats, sweets, potions, and concoctions for our Witchy Tea Party for you to enjoy! 

The Mr. and Mrs. approve.

 White pumpkins, black and white candy and treats {save some to take some home!}. 

Ghostly white blooms from the garden, black embroidered monogrammed linen napkins.

A little bit of silver and gold sparkle.

Dark chocolate sprinkles.

Goblin goo - oooooh!

Tarnished silver cups and candle light.

Our black and white "butler" named Guss was the perfect Southern Gentleman.

Our Mad white rabbits named Cleopatra and Amalfi {Cleo and Fifi, to you and me} were the pretty petite hostesses.  {They arrived just in time for this event.  Only eight weeks old, these sinfully sweet sisters are still a bit shy around our friends, but playful with Guss and each other.}

We have not had a party here in quite some time, so this is bound to be spellbound.

Don't be scared.

Four o'clock.
It's time.

Time for tea.  Or cider.

Or Apothic Dark {wine}.

 And time for some mischief.
Let's dim the lights and get started.

These buns blew out the candle light just to be safe while they doing their tricks and eating their treats.

Guss made sure everyone was happy.

Cleo checked out the treats that the Glamorous Goblins made.

And took a sip of hot apple cider.

Amalfi preferred hers with a cinnamon stick twist.

...and finished with the ghost halos and sniff of the antique flowers on top of the silver dust sparkles.

While everyone was enjoying themselves, Guss had a chance to nosh on a juicy bone.

It was so much fun, but then it was time for the party to come to an end.

Thank you Vanessa from A Fanciful Twist for hosting such a wicked party and thank you to all of you who were here.  

Please be sure to visit Vanessa's Witch's Tea Party and all the other parties at our friends' blogs.  Links of those participating are on A Fanciful Twist, just click the button below or on the top of the right hand side bar to attend.

Have fun and enjoy your own special Halloween!

Ciao amici,

An Invitation to a Spellbound Soiree

Won't you please join us this weekend for a wickedly, wonderful Halloween tea party?  We have been preparing for this spellbound soiree for quite some time.

The silver tea cups are tarnished...

The Glamorous Goblins are jeweled...

The Mad Rabbits who arrived just in time are waiting...

For you.

Be here.

Saturday, October 24th, 2015

A Wickedly Wonderful and Delightfully Delicious Mad Rabbit Tea Party 
hosted by the Grand Hostess, herself, Vanessa Valencia at A Fanciful Twist and us.

Regrets Only


Cleopatra and Amalfi
{Sinfully Sweet Sisters}

{Our Gentleman Butler}

{For this special event, "reader comments" is back on.}

Room with a View

It's not often that I share my interior design projects here, but this year my muse turned eleven and it was time to transform his sweet little boy bedroom so I thought that I would invite you in for a view.

Earlier this year - in the Spring - I repainted our front door a lovely shade of pale blue.  It had been a buttercream yellow for twelve years and I was in need of a change.

'Loved that blue so much that I used it inside for our boy bedroom, which had been periwinkle for a decade...or more.

"Blue Hydrangea" by Benjamin Moore.  However, I did not use Benjamin Moore paint.  I had it mixed and used Pratt and Lambert {just because I do so much business with them and love their product...but, love BM's paint colours and specify those colours often!}

This was one of my summer projects...and it took almost all summer to paint!  It felt like summer in this room, as I painted every inch...

...I counted the hours and they were well over thirty, with all the details...trim, ceiling, walls, closets, etc...now I know why the estimate I got to paint this room was nearly $1,000!  Cost me just about $175 and a lot of time.

My son says that it feels as though he is at the beach when he's in his room, which is exactly the feeling I was trying to achieve.

The mix of the pale sky blue walls with cottage style white furnishings and linens, wicker, dark, antique case goods, a sisal rug and a nubby blue wool rug, natural woven paper shades, and other accents in that palette truly do give the feeling of a beach cottage.

Before my son was born, I used this room as my studio...

...and you can see why.  The light is so beautiful.

This home was my husband's Grandfather's home and his mother grew up here.  This room was her sister's room.  I will be showing you her room soon...it has been transformed from our guest bedroom to my new office/studio recently...until we get the pool house remodeled into my office/studio.

Hope you enjoyed the mini tour.  As always, thank you for your visit.

Ciao amici,