Weekend in New England

At one time it was the playground for the elite, where their summer cottages overlooked the rocky shores and sea with yachts and sailboats dotting the blue bay.

Now it's a destination for all to explore, which we did this past weekend enjoying the luxury and beauty of this part of our country while sharing our time with family for a special wedding at the Castle Hill Inn.

Perfect weather, perfect views.

Endless sky and sea.

Kayakers mingling with sailors...

...and shore birds.

Ocean Drive was a mix of French country cottages with old world details, 

...and hand crafted construction and patina that is unmatched in today's buildings.

Italian Renaissance villas with perfectly manicured gardens and terraces looked as though they belonged to the rugged Amalfi coast.

Along the Cliff Walk we discovered love locks - padlocks of all kinds with initials written or etched on them and locked permanently onto the chain link fence.  

This was the oldest one I found.

Keys thrown into the ocean.

Love locked.  Forever.

As always, thank you for your visit.

Ciao amici,