Mother Nature's Hideaways

Once upon a time in my garden tiny cottages built from Mother Nature's finest materials were discovered.

Spanish moss picked from local live oaks surrounds the landscape, French lavender harvested from my garden last month covers the roof...

...hickory tree bark found in our woods holds up the walls, and a picket fence framing the property are some of the elements that were used to build this petite fairy cottage.

With a mix of some mossy "logs" cut from a fallen limb, a pretty blue bird and some vintage millinery flowers, glass stones for a path leading to the entrance of the fairy cottage...

 ...and a violet vintage dragonfly perched perfectly on a freeze dried chartreuse ranunculus, a charming cottage garden was created.

Not so far away, a barn bug house was spied upon by some butterflies and a busy bumble bee.

Pine bark and burlap, pecan shells and acorn caps...

...pebbles, twigs, and moss are all the foundation for this cozy and comfortable bug bungalow.

Scattered paper flowers are nestled in the mossy ground and a glass sun face medallion, which is emblazoned on the back barn wall, sparkles in the sunlight.

This charming cottage was created by my muse, my ten year old son.  {I created the one above.}

This is just one of the many projects we taught at our two week Summer Arts Camp this June.  To see more of our art projects the the creations made by the Camper Kids, please visit our Summer Arts Camp website.

As always, thank you for your visit.

Ciao amici,

~ ~ ~

The backdrop I used in these photographs is a vintage folio which was once used to store fine table linens.  I found it several years ago at local antique flea market.  When I purchased it {for about two dollars} I was pleased to find out who it belonged to - a family friend and an artistic icon in this town.