Easter Harvest

Our tradition every Spring is to plant our summer vegetable garden on Good Friday.

This year we started a day early by harvesting our winter produce so we could till the ground and get it ready for the new seedlings...

...which included bunches of cilantro that we gave to Gucci and these scrumptious, roots of beta carotene, which he ate like a motor!

Delicious baby carrots, just three to four inches long at most, and full of flavor.

So delicious that a little chipmunk could not wait until the harvest.  {This was not the only half eaten carrot I found below the soil.}

Gucci will have a fabulous Easter dinner and we will too enjoying some of this fresh organic and home grown produce.

Mother Nature made them so beautiful that I had to pose them and make a photograph just as the sun poked through the clouds.  'Just love their perfect imperfections.

Happy Easter Friends!