A Snow Kissed Winter Wonderland

...Southern Style.

Earlier this season I had the opportunity to design a Christmas tree for our local Museum of Arts and Sciences.

Every year, local businesses, non-profit organizations, and designers donate their time and creativity for this project, the Festival of Trees.  

While I design and decorate custom trees for many of my clients in their place of business and in their homes, this year I also participated once again in the Festival of Trees and my Christmas story is shown here.

When the snow falls here in the South, it does not last long.  But it is wonderful and I say that we are...

 "snow kissed" when it falls.

My vignette began with two potted topiary trees and an ornate antique wrought iron gate, circa 1870...

...which I adorned with crystal snowflakes, plaid bows, big red jingle bells, and white fuzzy boots tied with mint coloured organza bows.

Peach blossom twinkle lights were entwined within the gate and glowed.  When you walk through the gate you find...

...two stovepipe hats, the colour of coal, crowing each tree {my son's clever idea}...a powdery snow covered path lined with snow filled jars and candy canes, glittery snowballs, and twinkle lights guiding your way.

Frosted pine cones {winter snow cones} hang on the topiary trees with red satin bows...

...while crimson pomegranates poke through the evergreens.

Peppermint candy canes tied with ribbons, snowy greenery, and juniper berries and...

...melted snowman ornaments were also some of the hand crafted decorations I made.

The urns were filled with ruby red hydrangeas at the base of each tree and the retro inspired palette of red and aquamarine created a timeless Christmas story.

Even my chubby little snow guy twinkled with Christmas delight.

Hoping all of you have had a wonderful Christmas season, whether you are in a snow kissed winter wonderland or someplace else.


Buon Natale Amici,

December Frost

A season of snow cones...

...and frosty pine cones.

I made these snow covered pine cones for a special winter wonderland vignette and will share with you in my next post.

My secret to making "snow cones" is using thick white glue and sparkly Epsom salts.  Hanging them on my clothes line was just the right spot for them air dry in the winter sunshine.  {Don't you love the bokeh background?  These photographs came out of my camera just like this ~ no editing.  I love it when that happens.}

As always, thank you for your visit.  See you soon.

Ciao amici,