A Rainbow of Scrumptiousness

Although I have shared our personal summer bounty of garden goodness with you all recently,

the summer farmer's market at Rosemary Beach tempted my palate...

and will tempt yours too, I am sure.

The colours of summer - peach, yellow, red, green, purple - a rainbow of 

Crusty rosemary and olive ciabatta loaves in the mix are always a good idea

And so are fresh eggs wrapped in their lovely pastel shells.

My new favorite - fresh Brussels sprouts sauteed in porcini mushroom olive oil, garlic, Pecorino Parmesan, a sprinkle of Himalayan sea salt and pepper {hungry yet?}.

Fresh and organic goodness.

Healthy goodness.

Buon Appetito!

As always, I appreciate your visit.  Thank you.

Ciao amici,

~ ~ ~

Prints of these photos available on My Front Porch.

A Hint of Autumn Colour

While the temperatures in the South are still steamy, the leaves are beginning to fall from the trees and the colour of the foliage is changing to the golden warm hues of yellow, rich crimson, and sunset orange.  Autumn is approaching.

{Laundry Day at the Monastery, Carmel Mission, Read & Relax, Fontana di Cortona}

Sharing with you some of my favorite colour film photographs in those wonderful warm tones.

{Eight Geraniums, Cotswold Cottage, Cotswold Village, Red Telephone Booth, Secret Garden}


Ciao amici,