Bouquets of Vintage European Millinery

I have been wanting to share these dreamy photographs of these beautiful vintage millinery flowers for quite some time.

For as long as I can remember I have loved vintage velvet and silk flowers ~ the soft pastel palette and delicate petals...

...the impeccable detail with which each piece is created...

...each made all by hand.

This collection of vintage European millinery flowers hand made in Germany and France in the 1930's and 1940's was in a tres chic boutique I visited last summer in Marblehead, Massachusetts called C'est la Vie.

As you can see on the hand written tags, the prices were not a "flea market bargain," but rather particular botanical stem was $90.  

The shop owner was gracious enough to let me go home with a bouquet of photographs instead.  Thank you!


I had the pleasure of being invited to the home of my friend Sherry earlier this year for a small gathering.  

I have known that Sherry is a collector of vintage millinery hats since we met many years ago, but had no idea how beautiful her collection was.  

These hats were a few of my favorites...

...and I asked her when she was tired of them, I would help her out and get them out of her "hair."

{Somehow, I do not think that will happen!}

This creamy bouquet of forget~me~nots is one of my own and sits on my desk in my studio beside a petite birds nest that was abandoned in our garden.  My desk garden.

~ ~ ~

Oh...I have not forgotten {I'm just a week late}.  I am happy to  announce the winner{sof my Blogoversary gift.  Since only two readers left comments on the blog post where I offered the give away {Just Because}, I decided to open it up to all those who left comments on my blog posts through the deadline date of October 10th.  

Therefore, I am offering a jpeg download of one of my Spoonflower designs to Margie and Rebecca, both who left comments on that particular post and who are so loyal; and Grace who always puts a smile on my face when she stops by.  You each may choose the design of your choice from my Spoonflower library and I will e-mail you the design.  


As always, thank you to all of you who visit, whether you let me know you are here or not.
I appreciate it.

Ciao amici,