The summer season is off to a roaring start here in the South, with thundershowers surprising us nearly every afternoon this week.

The beauty of all those raindrops is the field of brilliant Shasta daisies blooming on our terrace.

I made these photographs the other morning just after a stormy night and caught the raindrops on the petals still glistening in the morning sunshine.

It's challenging to grow many flowers in the heat of these Southern summers, but with the tropical thunderstorms that happen throughout the summer months, these daisies are at their peak during this season.  That is why sometimes these flowers are called, "thunderflowers."

I remember when I was a little girl, my parents planted Shasta daisies in our courtyard and along the driveway.  They grew as tall as I was ~ I'm only 5'3" ish and back then was a little shorter, but they were magnificent.

To this day, I love daisies ~ their simplicity, innocence, and purity ~ and now I enjoy having them grow in beautiful cobalt blue pots on my terrace and below in the garden.

Another matter now...

To celebrate and honor our patriotism this Memorial Day weekend and all summer long, I have updated my blog banner with my interpretation of our red, white, and blue.

You can see more of my summer inspiration on my Pinterest board"Patriotic ~ Red, White & Blue."

My summer project, Summer Arts Camp, is starting in just a few weeks, so I may be scarce.  Be assured though, that I will be posting some fun photos of our creative camp activities later on this summer.  If you live close by, please do join us!

Stay safe and have fun!

Ciao amici,

Words of Love

A mother's work...

is never done.

But the rewards are wonderful.

Something as simple as this notebook doodle which I found laying on his bed when I tucked him in late one night last week...precious hand written words of love.

Happy Mother's Day week to those of you who are.

Ciao amici,

~ ~ ~

*The little doodle that looks like a number four is supposed to be the cris cross "and" symbol.

Happy May Day

A quick wish for a Happy May Day!


One of my favorite months of the year...Spring blooms, the hint of summer, scrumptious strawberries, song birds chirping...

Marvelous May!

Ciao amici,

~ ~ ~

* This precious vintage illustration, was from a calendar I used as a young girl.  This little girl in a field of flowers with a blue bird was on the image for month of May.  I have kept it {and some others from that same calendar} for a million years and still love the art work!