Bless Your Hearts

Don’t these precious cupcake toppers melt your heart?  

They are as sweet as they look and perfect for your Valentine’s Day celebration. 

Poke in a frosty cupcake for a party, attach one with a ribbon to a gifttuck one or two into a shabby chic cushion

or make a paper heart bouquet in a pretty petite crystal vase.  

Each topper is double sided {so they are pretty from all directions} and each is adorned with a dainty paper rosette and pretty bow tied around a white lollipop stick.

Whether you choose the “Love Letters to My Sweetheart” collection or the “Heart to Heart” collection {or both}, however you use these little sticks will be charming.

Originally hand illustrated in pen and ink and painted with gouache and watercolour on canvas paper, these whimsical illustrations have been printed on high quality acid free card stock which will hold the colour and shape for some time and are good for multiple uses.

Order for Valentine's Day, wedding anniversary, bridal shower, 

or just 

a random 

L O V E  


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Ciao amici,