Wishing You a Holiday Season...

...that is JUST PEACHY!

It feels as though I have been away from here long enough to drive to the North Pole and back again.

I hope you all are doing great.

During the holiday season, the local museum hosts a Festival of Trees event where designers throughout the town each create their own signature Christmas tree.  I participated this year and of course, my tree was Just Peachy.  It was a beautiful melody of glass beads, paper roses, and fuzzy peaches.

My "Just Peachy" mood board on Pinterest fueled my inspiration for the design of the tree and from there my ideas grew like a Georgia peach orchard...

I started with these delicate paper roses in shades of cream, peachy pink, and golden orange...

...and attached them to petite natural grapevine balls and added shimmery organdy bows.

I found these fuzzy navels on eBay {I bought a bushel}...

...and added seam binding ribbons which I hand dyed in soft mossy greens to some.

 Others were wrapped up in natural parchment paper and tied with more of my hand dyed and scrunched blush pink seam binding ribbons.

Glass beads dripping like raindrops...

Golden and glittery branches with crystal dew drops...

I created my tree topper from a large grapevine ball and then intertwined glass beads in and out of it, added some paper roses, and then silky ribbon streamers in shades of cream, blush, peach, and moss green that cascade from the ball.

Below the evergreen branches, willowy layers of embossed antique gold organdy, peach blossom lighted branches, a vintage wrought iron gift basket of peaches...

...and a sweet smelling nosegay of creamy vintage millinery blooms were the gifts I left under my tree.

May your gifts be of the heart this year...and always.

Buon Natale,




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