Cozy Mountain Cottage Gardens

Every summer we are lucky enough to escape the blazing southern heat for a few days and head for the hills to Highlands, North Carolina to visit some of our family who have a couple of cozy mountain cottages nestled among the most charming gardens.

I never get tired of photographing the dancing flowers that border the stone pathways...

...which lead to little spots of garden prettiness.

The foliage is so lush and the flowers are bursting in the mountains...

...while we struggle in the South during the summer to keep our garden flowers from wilting.

Even the simplest flowers ~ daisies, marigolds, zinnias ~ sparkle in the sunshine and...

...are a rainbow of colour!

This spot {below} at the Highlands Country Club is one of my favorite views.

It is a private garden on the lake, so I got as close as I could with my camera lens without trespassing.

It's a fairytale vision of snow white {pun not intended!} oak leaf hydrangeas, stone walls, canopies of evergreens ~ doubling its beauty in the lake's reflection.

Classic garden architecture with a romantic covered swing for two under a gazebo...

...and a graceful white swan swimming by to say hello.

Thank you for your visit today.

Ciao amici,