Coast to Coast ~ Summertime by the Sea, Part III

Welcome back to my final installment of my summertime travels.  Enjoy!

~ ~ ~

What better way to fly the friendly skies than with this little man in the captain's seat!

Whenever I travel by air, before I depart the plane I always make a point of thanking the pilot and his crew for landing us safely. I do not remember when I started expressing this bit of gratitude to airline crews, but I do, just as I always thank my husband for getting us home safely from a road trip {no matter how long or short} when he is driving.

Since we were some of the last passengers off the plane {lousy seats in the back of the plane}, when my son and I thanked the pilot, he asked my son if he would like to sit in the cock pit.  Matthew and I looked at each other and said, "Y E S ! ! !"

Meanwhile, the captain told me to get out my camera and my husband had it in his backpack, so I called him back on the plane and, well, the above photos are a couple of fun shots I quickly snapped.

Marblehead, Massachusetts was our destination for a family wedding.

We were here in July and the town was still showing its Independence with a celebration of red, white, and blue with American flags and banners everywhere.

Would you just check out this flower shop...

...abundant beauty.

I walked as much as I could in this town, exploring neighborhoods and experiencing the details...

...colourful architecture was throughout the town!

And then I came across this little cemetery in a tiny neighborhood...

...with a special spot for contemplation.

Gorgeous architectural details and little spots of heaven everywhere I looked.

The homes have very little land for gardens, so every window, it seems, overflows with boxes full of flowers and foliage.

But what small parcels of land they do have are charming as ever!

I love the vibrance and bold use of the entire colour palette throughout Marblehead.  

Summertime in New England would not be complete without some time spent at a harbor.

Check out the name on the boat in the lower right hand photograph...

...and this one!

I'm lovin' the names on these boats.

Quaint sheds, glorious vistas,

quiet spots...

...and a rocky beach with crystal clear water to cool us off.

Crooked buildings and homes with names of the original owners...

...I would have liked Benjamin to be my neighbor in 1856!

We even found a medieval castle, with gargoyles guarding the wrought iron gates.

And then it was time to say so long...

...to this beautiful New England town.

Thank you for your visit.  I hope your summertime travels, wherever they may have taken you, were as special as mine were this year.

Ciao amici,


Marcela para Colorin Colorado said...

A beautiful town that comes alive in your wonderful pictures. What a treat for your son!!

Ricki Jill Treleaven said...

What a fantastic trip for a wedding. I love all of your photos from Marblehead. What a quaint little New England village! I know your son loved sitting in the plane's cockpit. How much fun!!!

Super post!

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

You really captured a beautiful old town in your photos! And your son is adorable! Happy Monday!

Suzanne ~ Italian Girl in Georgia said...

Oh, thank you Girls! It was an easy photo shoot this time ~ everything was perfect!

Terie Cornelio said...

So beautiful. you did such a great job capturing the details in what you saw. I loved the doorknob collage the most.

The Magical Christmas Wreath Company said...

Just discovered your blog today. Great narrative and photos.

Curtains in My Tree said...

I have never been to the east coast and would love to visit for a week anyway. I have it on my bucket list

sweet picture of the boy in the flying seat LOL

Suzanne ~ Italian Girl in Georgia said...

Thank you new visitors for your kind comments.

Margie said...

Oh my, oh my, oh my...just glorious! And, seeing your son in the cockpit, reminded me when our son was about your son's age, he too go to sit up front and got a set of wings. Priceless!

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