The Finer Things in Life ~ A R T

I just had to share this with you all.  My little boy, as BOY as he is, loves to paint with his Momma...and of course, I encourage it.  How wonderful for a child to be a rough and tumble boy and also appreciate the finer things in life ~ A R T !
{This is one of my favorites.  I have it framed in a bright blue frame hanging in our sun room.  It's small, just four by six inches.  He painted this one when he was four years old.}

I save the scraps of white mat board after I mat my photographs that I sell and give them to him to paint and use as his canvases.  He's got his very own set of paints and brushes and I've taught him a bit about mixing and blending colours and how to use the brushes.

{This little guy was inspired by the sea turtles we saw on the Gulf Coast this past summer.  We used this image for his birthday party invitation for a swim party this year.  I also had it printed on a mouse pad for him as a surprise this Christmas.}

All the titles are also "Made by Matthew."

One year as Christmas gifts for his teachers and our family, I made note cards from these images and packaged them with a cute tag made from a doodle Matthew did at school.

We were practicing the art of still life with this one.  Very Cézanne, don't you think?

At work.
Many of these were made when he was just about four or five years old and a couple more recently.  I have added a collection of "Children's Art" in my Zazzle shop and am offering these on posters.  Personally, and you know I am not biased, I think that these would be precious in a child's bedroom

I will be adding more fun products in my Zazzle shop with these whimsical watercolours...I have to start saving for his college education after all.

May you too, have a creative week.

Ciao amici,

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