Coffee, Tea, Candles & Confetti

Happy Friday Friends!

Just a quickie to share with you some pieces I have made for a special event taking place in Asheville, NC next week.  If they are a hit at the welcome night and vendor market, you may just see more of them in my Etsy shop.

These sweet petite cotton frames are stained with coffee, tea, and a little of me.  Each frame is embellished with soft creamy velvet millinery blooms and gorgeous hand dyed and scrunched French seam binding.  {I just purchased a pile of this wonderful ribbon from French Market.}  All of these luscious notions are attached to the frame with a large brass quilting pin.

There is a single white pearl at the bottom of the frame and on the back of each there is a dove stamped in permanent sepia ink.

What do you do with a hundred wooden Popsicle sticks?  I painted them with black chalk paint, added some sparkle, and then tied them with gardener's twine.  They make perfect indoor plant stakes...

...or even better, as individual "place cards" at each place setting on a table for a garden party.

...and what good is a party without favors for everyone!  I filled these natural brown hen eggs with jeweled confetti then sealed up the eggs with layers of flowers cut from unbleached coffee filters and painted with glittery glue.

They are pretty in a vintage wrought iron egg basket or fun to crack open and sprinkle on a friend{I think that these would be fun at a wedding too.}

 Everyone looks better in the soft glow of candle lightThese simple ivory taper candles are not so simple after I wrapped them in embossed paper tied with gardener's twine

A tiny white paper posie is placed right above the bow for added "prettiness."  The contrast of textures on the candles is so lovely when placed in tarnished sterling silver candle holders.

I loved making all of these pieces and hope you enjoyed getting a peek too.  If any of you are interested in custom creations similar to these, I would be so happy to work with you for whatever occasion you have in mind.

Also if you have noticed the mingle blog button on my sidebar...come back next week for details.  You will not be disappointed!
Thanks for your visit, as always.  Stay creative.

Ciao amici,