Launching My Creativity


I have been so busy "launching my creativity" and making new products for my Etsy shop for the holidays and also for the fabulous Once Upon A Dream art event my friend Jennifer is hosting in October, {see my side bar for more details} that I have not had the time nor the frame of mind to write here.

However, I do have some kind words to express to a lovely someone who asked me a couple of weeks ago if she could feature me on her website, Launch Your CreativitySharon Hughes owns Pansy Cottage & Garden and writes on her blog of the same name, but also hosts seminars for women in the creative arts {or for those who wish to be}.  Her event, Launch Your Creativity is packed full of entrepreneurs, artists, writers, designers, and people from the publishing industry ~ many who are familiar names to us. 

It was an honor {oh, I know that word is so overused} to be included among those she has featured and with whom she has worked. Little did I know that she has been following my blog for quite some time. How flattering. I am always appreciative of being noticed in this big blog land.

Thank you Sharon.  It's great to know you now and I hope all of you will take a moment to check out her web sites and blog where the Pansy Cottage Girl showcases and sells, "Practical beauty for your home." 

Happy weekend all.  I will be posting photos of some new work next week.  All the pieces I will be showing you are one of a kind and the collections will be sold in limited editions only They will be available in my Etsy shop, My Front Porch,  and I will also be selling it at the Once Upon A Dream vendor and welcome night.  Stay tuned!

Ciao amici,




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