On My Front Porch & A Summer Give Away

A Good Read

Not quite a year ago I became aware of an independent boutique magazine by the name of PORCH.

This magazine was created by and is edited by two lovely women ~ Polly from Counting Your Blessings and Tracie from My Petite Maison ~ for the sole purpose of promoting bloggers and their businesses.

The beauty of this creation is that it is an actual print magazine ~ although only available for purchase on-line ~ and, there is minimal advertising within it in order to allow for the beautiful photographs of the work of their contributors. That would be…us!

I am fortunate to have been among the group of women represented in their Spring 2010 issue of PORCH Magazine, which just happens to be

dedicated to porches and outdoor spaces. How perfect is that for summer time?

This is just a sneak preview of my feature, but if you would like to order your own copy, just click!

And if that is not serendipity, one of the photos of mine that is included is “Precious Pink Cottage”

with my pink Schwinn beach cruiser parked in front…which just happens to be tuned up and ready to hit the sand very soon!

~ ~ ~

A New Blog ~ My Front Porch

They say it’s all about timing right…?  Well, recently as some of you may have already noticed I have done a little bit of a blog re-vamp, but what has been even more fun is that I have created a comfy new spot in which to sell my work directly to you ~ my lovely and loyal readers.

My Front Porch gradually evolved into it's own nook in order for me to offer direct sales of my work to you, as well as showcasing new designs and projects of mine that may be offered on a one~time~only basis.

I hope you can take a moment to relax on My Porch, window shop a bit, listen to some good Southern tunes, have a ice cold glass of lemonade

or iced tea {even though I am in the South I do not sweeten it, but I will for you}, and just enjoy yourself.

I plan to feature new items for purchase about once a week or so. It is my goal to offer you my work not only at a lower cost that what I offer in my Etsy shop {because there are no fees that I have to pay on The Porch}, but also to offer you some one~of~a~kind items that I will not be featuring in my Etsy shop at all...creations that you will get to see first

I could not have thought of a better time to announce the opening of My Front Porch than now. And the funny thing is…I thought of the name of my new shop before I even knew of my feature in PORCH Magazine
it is where I want to be.

~ ~ ~

A Lot of Love
Over 500 Shop Hearts on Etsy

Other news…and probably not such a big deal to you guys, but I thought that I would publicly thank all of those Etsians who have given me their heart. A few days ago I noticed that my shop “heart tally” on Etsy was just over 500. I wish that number reflected my sales, but I am so appreciative of the recognition nonetheless.

Thank you Etsy friends. You have my heart too!

~ ~ ~

A Give Away

So...in order to celebrate all of this good stuff ~ the PORCH Magazine inclusion, my new My Front Porch blog, and 500 Shop Hearts on Etsy, I am offering a give away!

All you have to do is leave a comment here then go to My Front Porch and leave a comment on The Porch. I am giving away some little goodies that you just may like for summer time.

"Painted Tulips and Summer Peaches"


"Gerber Daisies"

The winner has a choice of one of these two colour photographs, which are matted in an archival quality white cotton beveled mat and ready to frame.

I will announce the winners on My Front Porch on June 30th.

Thanks for your visit, as always.  Happy summer to you.

Ciao amici,