"Too Hot"

It has been so hot here in the South this summer...

"Too Hot"

I am so used to the foggy summers of San Francisco...

...and it is time for me and my family to find a shady spot,
on the porch of a "Precious Pink Cottage" or

...in some "Hot Shade"?

Where we can catch the Gulf breeze,

...in a secret "Resting and Nesting Spot"

...or simply enjoy the view of bountiful and colourful flora, in a "Hot Seat"

"Gone Fishing"

...and devour delicious freshly caught sea food.

We will definitely "Eat~Rite!"

I think the first thing we will do

is grab our "Hot Buckets" and head for the beach!

I've been waiting for this all summer long...I may not come back!

~ ~ ~

Happy Summer Friends,



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