"Too Hot"

It has been so hot here in the South this summer...

"Too Hot"

I am so used to the foggy summers of San Francisco...

...and it is time for me and my family to find a shady spot,
on the porch of a "Precious Pink Cottage" or

...in some "Hot Shade"?

Where we can catch the Gulf breeze,

...in a secret "Resting and Nesting Spot"

...or simply enjoy the view of bountiful and colourful flora, in a "Hot Seat"

"Gone Fishing"

...and devour delicious freshly caught sea food.

We will definitely "Eat~Rite!"

I think the first thing we will do

is grab our "Hot Buckets" and head for the beach!

I've been waiting for this all summer long...I may not come back!

~ ~ ~

Happy Summer Friends,



All the photography shown in this post is from my collection and is available through my Etsy shop or you may contact me directly if you are interested in any of the images.


Grace said...

Your photos capture the languid aura of summer perfectly! I love the injection of happy colors. I hope that you are staying cool in the Southern summer heat -- and that you are having a wonderful time as well my dear friend!

Anonymous said...

Cara Suzanne,

Oh, do come back soon! Life will be so boring without your colourful photographs & posts. Enjoy your summer breeze. Italy is hot too currently. We head for the mountains or the coast. Bacione, cara! Ingrid in Umbria

ElegantSnobbery said...

Beautiful photosgraphs!... and OH do I hear ya! After spending my entire life in the Bay Area of CA, adjusting to this HOT Texas summer is a little too much for me. I'll take Fog City anyday!

twinkleshabbystar said...

Hiya sweetie!
I hope you are having a FANTASTIC time at the beach! Your photos make me want to be there SOOO BAD!!! Cant wait to hear all about it! Miss ya! XOXO,Jenn

Family Best said...

Your photography is magnificent! I'm a Georgia girl too but up north in the mountains!

Terri said...

Suzanne, these photo's are so beautiful.

In a few weeks we will be spending a week on the beach in Maine, I hope it is as beautiful as your photo's!

Suzanne MacCrone said...

You all are so great. Thank you for the kind comments and your friendships.

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