Gourd-geous Gourds

~ Happy Cinco de Mayo ~

These gourd-geous gourds are ready for a celebration. (Although a few of these girls look as though they have already celebrated a bit too much!)

I found these precious painted faces while in San Jose del Cabo on the coast of Baja California last fall. Each face has its own personality, even though they all seem to belong to the same family ~ showing similar expressions. The Strawberry Girl and her friend with the mini sombrero hat above were some of my favorites.

I loved these sunburst faces too.

Throughout history the most common usage of gourds were as vessels. The have been used both for wet and dry goods, as well as cooking vessels. They have also been used as musical instruments, ceremonial and religious objects, fishing floats, and as a food source.

But here, as I have shown, they are wonderfully charming creative art pieces which are traditionally passed down from generation to generation.

These primitive princesses are quite elegant.

Gourds last for a very long time. In fact, fragments of gourds have been discovered in tombs dating back thousands of years. Now, how is that for an investment in a unique piece of art!

Enjoy the day.

~ ~ ~

Adios and ciao amici,