By Invitation Only ~ Welcome to Il Mio Giardino

I've been planning this for months and this week on the evening of Saturday, May 16th it is time for my garden party in Il Mio Giardino to celebrate the wrap up of my friend, Jennifer's En Le Jardin Art Event. It has been a joy preparing for this ~ especially with her ~ and I look forward to meeting eighteen creative business women from around the country.

The secret swap gift bags are ready to share ~ cannot wait to see what everyone is going to bring! I know they will be great.

The tables are set and I am pleased to be able to show you some Southern Hospitality, Italian Style! I have the "terazzo" loaded with over-sized terracotta pots full of fuchsia coloured geraniums, overflowing with fragrant lemon thyme and snowflake bacopa flowers.

The citrus trees are full of lemon and lime buds, while my small container garden of herbs will add to the menu. The vintage wrought iron outdoor furnishings are comfy with thick cushions and pillows on which to relax under umbrellas, while nibbling on antipasti and sipping refreshing summer drinks.

Don't worry about the bugs that "bark" here in the South or the mosquitoes; I've got some Off for you to use to keep them away.

All this under the stars (and I hope no thunder storms!) with candles, twinkle lights, and paper lanterns.
I welcome you all to my home and wish you a very enjoyable time!

Oh, and don't forget your party favors.
You may want to nibble on them during your flights home.

See you all very soon, ci vediamo!



Cheryl said...

beautiful! Can't wait! :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Suzanne,

Simply stunning to say the least!
I will not be able to sleep tonight:)

Blessings and can't wait to meet you:)

leesiebella said...

Hi Suzanne!! Everything looks so so wonderful! Can't wait to meet you!!


Anonymous said...

OOhh...May 'il vostro partito di giardino bello' be blessed!! I hope to see lots of pictures afterward to drool over!lol!

Kim Caldwell said...

It all looks amazing Suzanne! Thank you so much for hosting our evening soiree!

Hugs, Kim

maggiegracecreates said...

It looks beautiful. I cannot wait to surround myself with these creative souls. See you Saturday.

Jeanneoli said...

How beautiful!!!!

Sandy said...

Hi Suzanne, you don't know me but I read your blog and I love it. I too am a transplanted Italian girl in Georgia (maiden name Gallo, I live in Newnan now). Anyhow, I was tagged and I have to tag six of my favorite blogs, and that is you! All you have to do is list six things that make you happy, then pass the tag on to six other bloggers.


JennyTheArtist said...

What wonderful garden photos! amazing!

karlascottage.typepad.com said...

It was delightful! Thank you so much for having us over, and thanks to that darling Reg, too!

Andrea Singarella said...

Hi Suzanne!
Thank you for an absolutely beautiful dinner and such heartfelt gracious hospitality. It was truly a pleasure to meet you and visit your home. {and thank you for allowing us to overstay our welcome into the wee hours! Geesh.....talk about losing track of time!}
Hugs, and I hope we meet again!

Grace said...

What a beautiful setting for a fantastic event!! You are certainly the epitome of wonderful Southern hospitality with Italian warmth.

Italian Girl in Georgia ~ Suzanne MacCrone said...

Hello Friends,

I am anxious to post some photographs of the lovely weekend and will do so by the end of this week. It was a most enjoyable time, in every respect.


twinkleshabbystar said...

All so so beautiful!!! :) XOXO,Jenn

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