My Easter Table

It was a beautiful Spring day today and a lovely beginning to our Easter weekend.

Wishing all of you a very Happy and Holy Easter...

And a little peek at my Easter table...a mix of old and new, a cute bunny bowl I purchased recently and "hop, hop, hop" tea cup, a twig bird's nest we found in our back yard and filled with some of my hand painted wooden eggs...

A happy and floppy ceramic bunny with a garland of flowers around her neck, proudly watches over the treats (most of which have been eaten already by my little boy!).

A hand made porcelain and hand painted basket I purchased in Italy some time ago, and vintage porcelain place card holders that were left in this old house by my husband's Grandmother ~ chipped and charming.

Minty green mopheads of hydrangeas, freshly picked today ~ just one week ago they were tightly closed and a bright, lime green...and

Dappled afternoon sunlight pouring through the large window paned bay window in our dining room.

Happy Easter, Happy Spring!
~ ~ ~
Ciao amici,




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