The New "It Girl"

I guess I am the new “It Girl.” Is this short for “Italian Girl” or actually because I have been “tagged” and now I am “it?” I think the latter, obviously.

Two of my friends ~ Terri of
Originals by Terri and Melanie of Le Petit Cabinet de Curiosites ~ have tagged me this month, and now I am obliged to tell you six little things about myself that are either fabulous or funny or inconsequential or quirky…a peek inside...

* I polish my toes hot pink all year long, except when I paint them cherry red from the middle of December through St. Valentine’s Day.

* I used to have a Holland Lop, a floppy eared house rabbit. His name was Guido. Now I have a virtual bunny ~ you may visit him on the side bar below.

* The thing I miss most about not living in California, is being near the water. I crave the ocean breeze.

* I won my very first art contest when I was about six or seven years old. It was an Easter colouring and painting contest that the local shopping center sponsored. I think my Mom has kept the painting.

* I rarely if ever cook on Friday ~ I told my husband this when we were dating.

* I sewed most of my clothes in high school because I loved designer clothes and could obviously not afford them. I was the only one in school who wore “couture” clothing…albeit made by me.

Now you know everything there is to know about me. I have been asked to tag more of my blog friends, but those who I would tag have already been tagged…so I will leave them alone, except to visit them on their blogs regularly. I hope you will too. Take a look at my list of “blog beauties.”

~ ~ ~

I must also acknowledge and thank two of my friends who have passed along the following awards to me. I am fortunate for the privilege of getting to know you both. It is not only inspiring to see your work, but it encourages me to be better at what I present on this blog.

Back at you and thank you Poppins for being inspiring with your beautiful photography.

"Carta d'Oro"

And of course Ingrid ~ you are the “gold card” of Italy!

~ ~ ~

Thank you for stopping by.

Buon weekend tutti amici,





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