Ghastly and Gorgeous Gourds

Last week I went on a field trip with my four year old and his pre-school class to a charming working "fun” farm just south of Atlanta. I must truly be a country girl at heart…as long as there is a big city close by. It was a wonderful time ~ teachers, parents, children. The afternoon was lazy and lovely ~ sunny, breezy, and crisp autumn weather greeted us,

(My little animal is on the left.)

and so did the farm animals.

Say hello to Wooly

...and to Billy

...and of course, Romeo who had a little affair with my son’s teacher!

~ ~ ~

The harvest of ghastly and gorgeous gourds was abundant,

so I purchased a few for my table at home.


Enjoy your weekend everyone. Thank you for stopping by.

~ ~ ~

Ciao amici,