Summer at the Shore*

Swimming in the emerald sea like a mermaid...

Playing in the crystal white sand like a child...

Appreciating and enjoying it all like a grown up.

Happy Summer!

These "vintage" images above are some of my favorites from my childhood...the mermaid was a postcard I received from a cousin in the early seventies which I had saved; I had Jessie Wilcox Smith's charming illustration in a petite frame in my room as a little girl; and the contemplative blue eyed girl with the summer hat which I also had framed in my room as a young adult always reminded me of myself on the beaches of California {even though I have green eyes}.  That's my summer story...for now.  

*{I will share photographs when I return.}

Ciao amici,


Ricki Jill Treleaven said...

Wonderful images. I hope you're having a fantastic summer!

Margie said...

Such a cute post Suzanne. I thought at first you painted the mermaid which would have made me scream as it is beyond cute. It would not have surprised me if you did, LOL! Enjoy every minute of our fleeting summer!

Suzanne ~ Italian Girl in Georgia said...

Thanks Girls! Wishing you a happy summer too.

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